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CBSE Class 10 - Value Based Questions-1 (Social Science)

Value Based Questions and Answers
CBSE Class 9 - Value Based Questions (Social Studies)

In SA-II examination, there shall be 1 or 2 value based questions of 3-5 marks.

Here follows Value based Questions in Social Science:

Q1: (a) How did Vietnamese oppose the education system introduced by French colonists?
(b) What were the values shown by Vietnamese students in their resistance?

Answer: (a) Vietnamese opposed to the French education system because it was biased against Vietnamese culture:
  1. Students of Saigon school protested against the educational system.
  2. They criticized the text books and asked to modify them.
  3. Both teachers and students did not follow the curriculum blindly.
  4. Students formed political organizations Party of young Annan and journals
(b) Vietnamese  students exhibited following values in their resistance:
  1. Patriotism
  2. Unity
  3. Nationalism
  4. Culture Integrity
  5. Courage
  6. Teamwork 

Q2: Who were Trung sisters?  What was their roles in Vietnamese movement? What values did they exhibit?

Answer:  Trung sisters were leaders who rebelled against Chinese rule. In this movement they sacrificed their lives.They exhibited the following values:
  • Patriotism
  • Selfless Work
  • Leadership


Q3: What changes did Napoleon implement in his administration? What values or objectives did he try to achieve?

Answer:  Napoleon implemented following changes in his administration:
  1. He abolished feudal system.
  2. He introduced uniform weights and measurement systems among all states.
  3. He simplified administration system.
  4. Transport and communication systems were also improved.
He tried to achieve the following values:
  1. Feeling of oneness as France one nation (nationalism).
  2. Respect for national goods and institutions.
  3. Equality and uniformity among states.
[Money & Credit]

Q4: Mohan's received a handsome amount as a prize money. His father advised him to open a savings account in a bank and deposit the amount. 
(a) What are the advantages of a demand deposit?
(b) What values are exhibited by Mohan's father by his advice?

Answer: (a) Advantages of a demand deposit are:
  1. Deposits are safer than keeping the amount at home.
  2. It earns interest and thus money grows.
  3. Any payment can be done electronically or via cheques.
  4. When required money can be withdrawn.
 Values exhibited by Mohan's father are:
  1. He showed his care and money management.
  2. Awareness about money and advantages of banking.
  3. Responsibility

Q5: The Handloom workers of Rajpura decided to form a co-operative society.What advantages they will have from the co-operative society? What values do these societies promote?

Answer: Members of a cooperative pool their resources and share them among the members. Co-operatives have following advantages:
  1. The Cooperative can obtain a large loan from the bank which can be used as to provide loans to its members.
  2. By pooling their resources they can help each other.
Values promoted by cooperative societies are:
  • Team work
  • Sustainable development
  • Self reliant or self sufficiency

Q6(SQP): Self Help Groups support has brought about a revolutionary change in the rural sector. Which values according to you is it able to support.

Answer: Values inculcated by  Self Help Groups are:
  • Team work
  • Self reliance
  • Co-operation
  • Women empowerment


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