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CBSE Class 6 - Science - Ch8 - Body Movements (MCQs)

Body Movements 
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Q1:The number of bones present in an adult human is:

(a) 106
(b) 206
(c) 306
(d) 400

Q2(NCERT): Which of the following joints is immovable?
(a) Shoulder and arm
(b) Knee and joint
(c) Upper jaw and skull
(d) Lower jaw and upper jaw

Q3: Which of the following protects our lungs:

(a) cranium
(b) ribcage
(c) pelvic bones
(d) backbone

Q4: The aquatic animal whose skeleton is made entirely by cartilages is the _______

(a) Shark
(b) Dolphin
(c) Whales
(d) Tuna

Q5: The joint which helps in rotating a body in all directions is called _______

(a) Fixed Joint
(b) Hinge Joint
(c) Pivot Joint
(d) Ball and Socket Joint

Q6: Which of the following is an example of hinge joint?

(a) Ankle
(b) Sternum
(c) Shoulder Joint
(d) Atlas

Q7: Which bone protects the lower abdominal organs such as the urinary bladder, rectum and uterus?

(a) Sternum
(b) Pelvic bone
(c) Spine
(d) Skull

Q8: Vertebral column of man has _____ vertebrae (bones).

(a) 28
(b) 30
(c) 33
(d) 42

Q9: A muscle can _______

(a) pull only
(b) push only
(c) pull and push
(d) none of these

Q10(NCERT): Snail moves with the help of its
(a) shell
(b) bone
(c) muscular foot
(d) whole body

Q11: The undulatory locomotion is found in

(a) birds
(b) fish
(c) earthworms
(d) snakes

1: (b) 206
2: (c) Upper jaw and skull
3: (b) ribcage
4: (a) Shark
5: (d) Ball and Socket Joint
6: (a) Ankle
7: (b) Pelvic bone
8: (c) 33
9: (a) pull only
10:  (a) shell
11: (d) snakes


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    3. It should be muscular foot because though shell is the outer skeleton of the snail but does
      not help in movement.

  2. it is muscular my foot!

  3. ya......question10 muscularfoot for prof visit
    if any spling mistake plz forgive

  4. Q-3, it should be ridcage not "ribscag".

  5. In question 6 ankle is a wrong answer because it is
    a gliding joint

  6. It should be muscular foot because the shell only protects the snail from other living beings.


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