Friday 5 July 2013

CBSE Class 10 - Science - CH6 - Life Processes (MCQs)

Life Processes

Q1: Which of the following type has the longest small intestine?

(a) Carnivores
(b) Omnivores
(c) Herbivores
(d) Autotroph

Q2: Villi are present in

(a) pancreas
(b) stomach
(c) small intestine
(d) oesophagus

Q3: Which of the following metal is associated with heamoglobin?

(a) Aluminum
(b) Iron
(c) Potassium
(d) Calcium

Q4: Where the process of digestion of food starts in human being?

(a) Stomach
(b) Food canal
(c) Mouth
(d) Small intestine

Q5: The kidneys in human beings are a part of the system for?

(a) excretion
(b) nutrition
(c) respiration
(d) transportation

Q6: By which of the following bile is secreted in human digestive system?

(a) Pancreas
(b) Liver
(c) Kidney
(d) Stomach

Q7: The action of bile can be termed as:

(a) esterification
(b) hydrogenation
(c) oxidation
(d) emulsification

Q8: Which one of the following organisms can live without oxygen of air.

(a) Amoeba
(b) Sheep
(c) Yeast
(d) Leech

Q9: Respiration is a process in which

(a) Energy is stored in the form of ADP
(b) Energy is used up
(c) Energy is released and stored in the form of ATP
(d) Energy is not released at all

Q10: The Oxygenated blood is carried from lungs to left auricle by

(a) vena cava
(b) pulmonary vein
(c) pulmonary artery
(d) aorta


1: (c) Herbivores [Diet of herbivores is made of fibre and cellulose and is hard to digest. Therefore,  herbivores need a longer digestive track to digest this food.]
2: (c) small intestine
3: (b) Iron
4: (c) Mouth  or Buccal cavity
5: (a) excretion
6: (b) Liver
7: (d) emulsification
8: (c) Yeast
9: (c) Energy is released and stored in the form of ATP
10: (b) pulmonary vein


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