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CBSE Class 10 - Science - Value Based Questions -1 (SA2)

Value Based Questions 

CBSE Class 10 - Science - Value Based Questions -1 (SA2)


Q1: Priyanka is well maintained and organized. Her notebooks have indices properly filled and are timely checked. She is in good books of the teachers. On the other hand Sakshi is un-organized. Often her homework is incomplete and she has to deal with such situations many a times.

(a) Do you think being organized is helpful in life?
(b) Based on the above said example, how can you relate it to classification of elements?

(a)   Keeping things organized and disciplined help in saving time and energy. It makes life simple and easy.

(b) As in our daily life keeping things organized is quite helpful, similarly classifying elements help us study elements behaviour and properties systematically. 

Q2: Mendeleev left some gaps in his periodic table and predicted the discovery of new elements. Even though it was a drawback he boldly presented his table. What values do you learn from Mendeleev's decision?

Answer: Following are the values that Mendeleev's decision possesses:
  1. Self-confidence
  2. Courage to face situations

[Management of Natural Resources]
Q3: Rachel cuts extra pages from her old note book and makes a beautiful note pad. She carries it to her class. Her classmates are motivated to do the same when they see her using this note pad.

(a) Which of the three R’s have been exhibited by Rachel?
(b) What two values did Rachel exhibit through her effort? 

Answer: (a) She exhibited that materials can be reused.
(b) Sensitive to environment, responsible citizen and practice of three R's

Q4(EduDel): Chipko movement was stared in 1970s in a small village of Garhwal high up in Himalayas villagers stood against greedy contractors. Women folk hugged the trees. The chipko – movement spread slowly to all nearby areas under the leadership of Shri Sunder Lal Bahuguna.

(a) Do you feel inspired by this movement which prevented felling of trees.
(b) Do you think that local people are real stake holders?
(c) Which old belief has been challenged by chipko movement?

Answer: (a) Yes this movement inspires us to be part of it.
(b) Yes, local people can take care of nature in their surroundings, they are the real stake holders.
(c) It challenged the old belief that trees give timber only and can sustain themselves. Reckless cutting of trees not only degrades our environment but also endangers our ecosystem. We must be environment friendly and participate in conserving our forests, water and energy.

Q5: In 2010, Delhi University Chemistry department accidentally sold an old X-Ray machine to a scrap dealer at Mayapuri. Unfortunately the machine carried a radioactive material which leaked when scrap dealer and his worked tried to open the box. It caused radiation burns and death of . Luckily the leak didn't spread and its timely control averted a major disaster. 

What do you suggest how can we avoid such mishaps?

Answer: Delhi University must follow the standard protocol for radiation safety. It should have proper radiation instruments and should not sell any radioactive scarp. Rather it should follow the right process to dispose such devices. They should sensitize their workers about radiation hazards and do regular safety checks or inspections.


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