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CBSE Class 11 - SA1- Computer Science (C++) Sample Question Paper (2014-15)

Class 11

SA1-Computer Science (C++) Sample Question Paper
(submitted by a student)

Computer Science
Total Marks-45
Q.1 (a) What are the major strengths of a computer? (1)
(b) State the basic units of the computer. Name the subunits that make up the CPU. (2)
(c) What is the difference between software and firmware? (1)
(d) What is meant by the term throughput? What is its significance? (2)
Q.2 (a) What is the difference between copying and moving files and folders? (2)
(b) How are devises treated in C++? (1)
(c) What will be the output of following code fragment when the input is
(i) 'C' (ii) 'A' (iii) 'D' (iv) 'F'?
  switch(ch) {
  case 'A' : cout <<"Grade A\n";
  case 'B' : cout<<"Grade B\n";
  case 'C' : cout<<"Grade C\n";
  case 'D' : cout<<"Grade D\n";
  default  : cout<<"Grade F\n";

(d) What are the advantages and disadvantages of floating-point numbers over integers?
(e) What will be the output of the following code fragment?
   cout<<"Not Five";
if the input given is(i) 7 (ii) 5
Q.3 (a) Write a program in C++ to find whether the given character is a digit or a letter. (2)
(b) Construct logical expressions to represent the following conditions:
(i) value is greater than or equal to 15 and less than 40.
(ii) v is odd.
(iii) d is a lowercase character.
(iv) salary is in the range 10000-30000 or id is 3.
Q.4 (a) Write a C++ program that accepts radius of a circle and prints its area. (2)
(b) What is meant by explicit type conversion? (2)
(c) Write a C++ program to generate divisors of a number. (2)
Q.5 (a) What will be the value of the following if j=3 initially?
(i) (5*++j)%6
(ii) (5*j++)%6
(b) Write one limitation of a Switch statement. (1)
(c) What is meant by exit controlled loop? Which C++ loops are exit controlled? (2)
(d) Write a do-while loop that displays numbers 2,4,6,8....18,20. (2)
(e) Write any two functions of an Operating System. (1)
Q.6 (a) What output shall be produced by following code fragments?
 char outer,inner;
 for(outer='F' ; outer>='A' ;--outer)
  for(inner='A' ;inner<=outer ; inner++)
(b) Write a program to print Fabonacci series till n terms. (2)
Q.7 (a) Convert(22.25)10 to binary. (2)
(b) Convert(423)10 to hexadecimal. (2)
(c) Express -4 in two's complement form. (1)


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