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CBSE Class 8 - Science - CH 17 - Very Short Question Answers on Solar System

Very Short Question on Solar System

VSQ Based on NCERT Chapter 17 on Stars and Solar System

Solar System Grid
image courtesy: pixabay

Q1: Name the biggest planet.

Answer: Jupiter

Q2: Name the smallest planet in our solar system.

Answer: Mercury

Q3: Name the natural satellite of the Earth.

Answer: Moon.

Q4: Which is the nearest planet from the sun?

Answer: Mercury

Q5: Which is the farthest planet from the sun?

Answer: Neptune

Q6: Which planet is nearest to the earth?

Answer: Venus

Q7: Which planet is called twin sister of the earth?

Answer: Venus

Q8: Which planet is the coldest?

Answer: Neptune

Q9: Which planet is the brightest?

Answer: Venus

Q10: Which is the heaviest planet in our solar system?

Answer: Jupiter

Q11: Which planet is called the red planet?

Answer: Mars

Q12: Which planet is known as the blue planet?

Answer: Earth

Q13: Which is known as the morning star or evening star?

Answer: Venus

Q14: Which planet has the maximum number of satellites?

Answer: Jupiter (64 moons)

Q15: Name the smallest satellite in our solar system.

Answer: Deimos (6.2 km radius, satellite of mars)

Q16: Name the biggest satellite of solar system.

Answer: Ganymede (satellite of Jupiter, second largest is Saturn's Titan)

Q17: What is the age of the sun?

Answer: Nearly 5 billion years.

Q18: Which planet has density lighter than water?

Answer: Saturn (if there is a bath tub enough to Saturn, it will float )

Q19: How long does it take sunlight reach earth from sun?

Answer: 8.33 minutes (8 minutes and 20 seconds).

Q20: How long does it take light reach earth from moon?

Answer: 1.3 seconds

Q21: What is the age of the earth?

Answer: Nearly 4.6 billion years.


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