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CBSE Class 9 - Economics - Food Security In India (Important Terms)

Food Security In India

Important Definitions and concepts

CBSE Class 9 - Economics - Food Security In India (Important Terms)

Q1: How does World Summit 1995 define 'Food Security'?

Answer: Food Security at he individual, household, regional, national and global levels exists when
all the people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food.

Q2: List the three A's Food security implies to?

Answer: Availability, accessibility and affordability of food of all times.

Q3: What is buffer stock?

Answer: It is the stock of food grains namely wheat and rice procured by government through Food Corporation of India.

Q4: Define Famine.

Answer: It is characterized by wide spread deaths due to starvation and epidemics caused by forced use of contaminated water or decaying food and loss of body resistance due to weakening from starvation.

Q5: What is Minimum Support Price?

Answer: The Food Corporation Of India purchases food grains, such as wheat and rice from the farmers in states where there is surplus production. Farmers are paid pre-announced price for their crops. This price is known as minimum support price which is fixed to protect small farmers.

Q6: What is Public Distribution System (PDS)?

Answer: It implies the distribution of food among the poorer sections of society by the government through fair price shops.

Q7: What are the benefits from PDS?

 i.  Stabilizes prices of food grains.
 ii. Ensures food is available at affordable price.
 iii. Combats hunger and famine by supplying food from surplus region to deficiet region.
 iv. Prices set with poor household in consideration.
 v.  Provides income security to farmers.

 Q8: What is rationing?

 Answer: The term is often used for controlled distribution of scarce goods and resources by the government. It restricts how much people are allowed to buy or consume a particular resource for the specified duration.

 Q9: What is Chronic hunger?

 Answer: It inadequate hunger for a longer time and often leads to death. Poor people whoc who lack resources to buy or grow food suffer from chronic hunger.


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