Tuesday 5 January 2016

CBSE Class 10 - Science - Four New Elements Added In Periodic Table

Four New Elements Added In 

Periodic Table

CBSE Class 10 - Science - Four New Elements Added In Periodic Table

Time to update Chemistry Textbooks. On December 30, IUPAC completes the verification of discoveries of four new chemical elements. It completes the 7 periodic row.

The atomic numbers of these four new elements are 113, 115, 117 and 118. Soon the new names will be given to these elements. At present these elements have temporary names i.e.

Ununtrium 113, 
Ununpentium 115, 
Ununseptium 117, 
Ununoctium 118 

These elements were discovered by the Scientists of Japan, Russia and America. It is expected one the element (Z=113) will have a name of Asian origin. All these elements are man-made elements. These four elements now complete the seventh periodic row.

Earlier, in 2012 two more elements Flerovium (Fl, Z = 114) and Livermorium (Lv, Z = 116) were added in the seventh row.

It seems Class 10 NCERT textbook uses a very old periodic table. It even mentions element Z = 112 with its placeholder name. This element is Copernicum (Cn, Z = 112), named after astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. Copernicum, a radio-active artificial element,  was discovered in 1996 and was officially added in the Periodic table in 2009.
(Note May 2018: The latest class 10 Science Book, published on 2018-19 has updated the periodic table).

You may download the 2015 updated periodic table from IUPAC site. See the IUPAC news link for more details about these new four elements.

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