Monday 8 February 2016

CBSE Class 6 - Social Science Quiz (2016)

Class 6 - Social Science 

CBSE Class 6 - Social Science Quiz (2016)


Q1: Cuneiform script belonged to _________________.

(a) Egypt
(b) China
(c) Sumer
(d) None of these

Q2: According to the concept of Varnashrama, when a man tries to break his ties with material world he belongs to which stage?

(a) Gurukul
(b) Sanyas
(c) Vanprastha
(d) Grihastha

Q3: The sacred book of Parsis is

(a) Tripitakas
(b) Zend Avestha
(c) Ashtadhyayi
(d) Mundaka

Q4: The longest poem in world literature is ______________

(a) Mahabharata
(b) Ramayana
(c) Sillappadikaram
(d) My Blah Story

Q5: Scholar who cured diseases using herbs  ______________.

(a) Balbhatta
(b) Charak
(c) Varahmihira
(d) Aryabhatta

Q6: Planet having the largest moon _____________

(a) Neptune
(b) Jupiter
(c) Saturn
(d) Uranus

Q7: __________ maps provide specific information regarding distribution of temperature, rainfall, minerals etc.

(a) Weather Map
(b) Topographical Map
(c) Thematic Map
(d) Physical Map

Q8: Spring Equinox (for Northern Hemisphere) is observed on

(a) March 20
(b) December 22
(c) September 23
(d) June 21

Q9: _______ ocean fills the gap between Asia and Australia

(a) Indian Ocean
(b) Arctic Ocean
(c) Pacific Ocean
(d) Antarctic

Q10: The highest peak of the world is ________________

(a) Mt Everest
(b) Mt Kilimanjro
(c) Mt Mckinley
(d) Mt Elbrus

Q11: Sri Lanka is separated from India by a marrow stretch of water called 

(a) Gulf Of Mannar
(b) Palk Strait
(c) Bay Of Bengal
(d) Suez Canal

Q12: _________ receives the highest rainfall in the world.

(a) Shimla
(b) Mawsynram
(c) Shillong
(d) Agartala

Q13: Indian government launched 'Project Tiger' in

(a) 1974
(b) 1973
(c) 1970
(d) 1975

Q14: ______ was a famous bird watcher.

(a) Dr Rajendra Prasad
(b) Dr Salim Ali
(c) Dr Abdul Kalam
(d) Dr Al Gore

Q15: _______ Language was developed under the Persian and Arabic rule

(a) Urdu
(b) Persian
(c) Arabic
(d) Sanskrit

Q16: In this system the religious leaders hold the power

(a) Theocracy
(b) Monarchy
(c) Dictatorship
(d) Democracy

Q17: No discrimination on the basis of religion is called _______

(a) Communalism
(b) Secularism
(c) Federalism
(d) Franchise

Q18: Raw materials which are converted into useful products comes under _________

(a) Primary
(b) Secondary
(c) Tertiary
(d) Non Agricultural Activities

Q19: You plan to buy a TV. You have to pay ____ tax.

(a) Entertainment
(b) Amusement
(c) Sales
(d) Movies

Q20: The name of NELSON MANDELA'S autobiography is 

(a) Long Walk to Freedom
(b) Story of My Life
(c) Mein Kempf
(d) My Experiments with Truth

1: (c) Sumer
2: (b) Sanyas
3: (b) Zend Avestha
4: (a) Mahabharata
5: (b) Charak
6: (b) Jupiter (Jupiter's moon Ganymede)
7: (c) Thematic Map
8: (a) March 20
9: (a) Indian Ocean
10: (a) Mt Everest
11: (b) Palk Strait
12: (b) Mawsynram
13: (b) 1973
14: (b) Dr Salim Ali
15: (a) Urdu
16: (a) Theocracy
17: (b) Secularism
18: (b) Secondary
19: (c) Sales
20: (a) Long Walk to Freedom

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