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CBSE Class 7 - Science Quiz (2016)


CBSE Class 7 - Science Quiz (2016)

MCQs based NCERT Class 7 Science Chapters

Q1: The vessels which carry carbon dioxide rich blood from all parts of the body back to the heart are called 

(a) Veins
(b) Arteries
(c) Capillaries
(d) Valves

Q2: There are some chemicals secreted by an insect to attract attention of other members of species. These are called

(a) vitamins
(b) hormones
(c) fibronin
(d) pheromones

Q3: Which gas is produced when sludge is digested?

(a) Methane
(b) Ethane
(c) Propane
(d) Butane

Q4: What do we call the network of several food chains connecting each other?

(a) Food Web
(b) Food Chain
(c) Food Cycle
(d) Trophic Level

Q5: Nagma was playing basketball with her team mates. Just after the game her pulse rate will

(a) increase
(b) decrease
(c) remains same
(d) none of these

Q6: While manufacturing heaters, electric irons etc. nichrome is used as element (or filament) because it offers

(a) high resistance
(b) low resistance
(c) no resistance
(d) High voltage

Q7: Neutralization of calcium hydroixide with hydrochloric acid is an example of 

(a) physical change
(b) chemical change
(c) both physical and chemical change
(d) no change

Q8: Sakshi visited her friend who was on dialysis in the hospital. Which organ of Sakshi's friend was not working well?

(a) Heart
(b) Brain
(c) Eyes
(d) Kidney

Q9: Anil used a fuse as a safety device in the electrical circuit to prevent from short circuit. It melts at about 200° C. Which alloy is used to make it?

(a) Zinc and Tin
(b) Lead and Tin
(c) Lead and Copper
(d) Zinc and Copper

Q10: Generally cars have two side view mirrors. Which of the following is used as a side view mirror?

(a) convex mirror
(b) concave mirror
(c) plane mirror
(d) plane glass

Q11: Rahul wants to measure atmospheric pressure. Which instrument will he use?

(a) Pyrometer
(b) Seismograph
(c) Barometer
(d) Ammeter

Q12: The image of an object formed using the convex side of a steel spoon is ___________

(a) erect and smaller
(b) inverted and larger
(c) inverted and smaller
(d) erect and larger

Q13: On a very hot day, a girl has two choices for her dress, one lemon colour dress and another dark brown colour dress. She wore lemon colour dress to prevent _____ of heat.

(a) radiation
(b) absorption
(c) reflection
(d) refraction

Q14: A storm has drk funnel shaped cloud reached the ground from the sky and sucked dust, debris and all other things on its way. Such a storm is called

(a) Thunderstorm
(b) Tornado
(c) Cyclone
(d) Tsunami

Q15: To keep a very low temperature, dry ice is used. It is solid _________

(a) hydrogen
(b) water
(c) carbon dioxide
(d) air

Q16: Which mark is necessary on electrical appliances?

(b) ISI
(d) KSK

Q17: Which one of the following always carries oxygenated blood?

(a) Arteries except pulmonary artery
(b) Veins except pulmonary vein
(c) Blood Capillaries
(d) None of these

Q18: Which of the following is NOT responsible for water shortage?

(a) Rapid growth of industries
(b) Increasing population
(c) Heavy Rainfall
(d) Mismanagement of water resources

Q19: Which of the following is NOT prepared from the wood obtained from forests?

(a) Paper
(b) Thermocol
(c) Matchstick
(d) Plywood

Q20: Forests are NOT responsible for 

(a) providing medicinal plants
(b) maintaining the flow of water into streams
(c) creating flood conditions
(d) absorbing rainwater and maintaining water table

1: (a) Veins
2: (d) pheromones
3: (a) Methane
4: (a) Food Web
5: (a) increase
6: (a) high resistance
7: (b) chemical change
8: (d) Kidney
9: (a) Zinc and Tin
10: (a) convex mirror
11: (c) Barometer
12: (a) erect and smaller
13: (b) absorption
14: (b) Tornado
15: (c) carbon dioxide
16: (b) ISI
17: (a) Arteries except pulmonary artery
18: (c) Heavy Rainfall
19: (b) Thermocol
20: (c) creating flood conditions


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