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CBSE Class 11/AIPMT - Plant Nutrition (MCQs)

Plant Nutrition

Biology Quiz
CBSE Class 11/AIPMT - Plant Nutrition (MCQs)
Azolla - an aquatic fern has Nitrogen Fixing capability

MCQs for AIPMT/CEET/Pre Medical

Q1: Nitrifying bacteria converts

(a) atmospheric nitrogen into soluble forms
(b) convert ammonia to nitrate
(c) ammonia to nitrogen
(d) nitrate to nitrogen.

Q2: Amino acids are mostly synthesized from

(a) mineral acids
(b) fatty acids
(c) volatile acids
(d) alpha-ketoglutaric acid

Q3: Which of the following is a micro-nutrient for plants?

(a) Pottassium
(b) Iron
(c) Iodine
(d) Zinc

Q4: If a plant’s younger leaves are yellowing but older one remains green, what could be the most probable cause of plant’s blight?

(a) Improper sunlight
(b) Lack of nitrogen fixing bacteria in soil
(c) Deficiency of immobile mineral nutrient
(d) Deficiency of mobile mineral nutrient

Q5: Enzyme involved in nitrogen assimilation is ___________.

(a) nitrate reductase
(b) nitrogenase
(c) transferase
(d) transminase

Q6: Manganese is required in 

(a) nucleic acid synthesis
(b) plant cell wall formation
(c) photolysis of water during photosynthesis
(d) chlorophyll synthesis

Q7: Grey spots of oat are due to the deficiency of which element?

(a) Cu
(b) Fe
(c) Mn
(d) Zn

Q8: The immobile element in plants is

(a) nitrogen
(b) calcium
(c) phosphorus
(d) magnesium.

Q9: Which aquatic fern performs Nitrogen fixation?

(a) Nostoc
(b) Azolla
(c) Salvia
(d) Salvinia

Q10: Boron in green plants assist in 

(a) sugar transport
(b) enzymes activation
(c) as enzyme cofactor
(d) photosynthesis

1: (b) convert ammonia to nitrate
2: (d) alpha-ketoglutaric acid
3: (c) Iodine
4: (c) Deficiency of immobile mineral nutrient
5: (b) nitrogenase
6: (c) photolysis of water during photosynthesis
7: (c) Mn
8: (a) nitrogen
9: (b) Azolla
10: (b) enzymes activation

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