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CBSE Class 12 - Chemistry - Chemistry in Everyday Life (Very Short Q and A) (#cbsenotes)

Chemistry in Everyday Life 

CBSE Class 12 - Chemistry - Chemistry in Everyday Life (Very Short Q and A) (#cbsenotes)

Very Short Q and A based on NCERT Class 12  Chemistry text book. 

Q1: Define the term chemotherapy?

Answer: Treatment of diseases using chemicals for therapeutic effect is called chemotherapy.

Q2: What are competitive inhibitors?

Answer: Drug complete with natural substrate for their attachments on the active sites of enzymes .They are called competitive inhibitors.

Q3: Why do we require artificial sweetening agents?

Answer: To reduce calorie intake.

Q4: What are antagonists drugs?

Answer: The drugs that bind to the receptor site and inhibit its natural function.

Q5: What are main constituent of Dettol?

Answer: Choloroxylenol & Terpinol .

Q6: What type drug is phenacetin?

Answer: It is antipyretics.

Q7: Mention one important use of Equanil.

Answer: It is a tranquilizer.

Q8: Name the drug that are used to control allergy?

Answer: Antihistamines.

Q9: Define Antipyretics

Answer: Those drugs which reduce the temperature of feveral body are called Antipyretics. e.g. Paracetamol

Q10: Why is the use of aspartame limited to cold food and drinks?

Answer: It is unstable at cooking temperature and decompose.

Q11: What is tincture of iodine?

Answer: 2-3% iodine solution of alcohol water is called tincture of Iodine. It is a powerful antiseptics
and is applied on wounds.

Q12: What is tranquilizers? Give an example?

Answer: They is the drug used in stress, mild severe mental disease.

Q13: What are sulpha drugs? Give two examples?

Answer: A group of drugs which are derivatives of sulphanilamide and are used in place of antibiotics is called sulpha drugs. e.g. sulphadizine, sulphanilamide.

Q14: What type of drug is chloramphenicol?

Answer: It is broad spectrum antibiotic.

Q15: What is the use of sodium benzoate?

Answer: Preservatives

Q16: Why is biothional is added to the toilet soap?

Answer: It acts as antiseptics.

Q17: Identify the type of drug-
(i) Ofloxacin 
(ii) Aspirin 
(iii) Cimetidine

(i) Antibiotic
(ii) Analgesics & Antipyretics
(iii) Antihistamines & antacid

Q18: What are food preservatives?

Answer: The substances that prevent spoilage of food due to microbial growth. eg- sodium benzonate.

Q19: What are cationinc detergents?

Answer: These detergents are quarternary ammonium salts of amines with acetates, chlorides, or bromides. They are expensive and are used to limited extent.
e.g.- cytyl trimethyl ammonium bromide

Q20: What are narrow spectrum antibiotics?

Answer: These antibiotics which are effective mainly against gram positive or gram negative bacteria. Eg Penicillin , streptomycin.

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