Tuesday 25 April 2017

CBSE NEET/AIPMT Class 12 Biology - Animal Nutrition and Digestive System (MCQs) (#cbsenotes)

Animal Nutrition and Digestive System 

(Biology MCQs) For NEET, Pre-Medical and AIPMT  

CBSE NEET/AIPMT Class 12 Biology - Animal Nutrition and Digestive System (MCQs) (#cbsenotes)

Q1 (AIPMT 2014): An alga which can be employed as food for human being is _______.

(a) Ulothrix
(b) Spirogyra
(c) Chlorella
(d) Polysiphonia

Q2: Carrier ions like Na⁺ facilitate the absorption of which of the following substances:

(a) glucouse and fatty acids
(b) amino acids and glucouse
(c) glycerol and fatty acids
(d) fructose and some amino acids

Q3: Which of the following food components reach totally undigested in human stomach?

(a) Protein and Starch
(b) Starch and Fat
(c) Fat and Cellulose
(d) Starch and Cellulose

Q4: Most of the fat digestion occurs in

(a) rectum
(b) stomach
(c) duodenum
(d) small intestine

Q5: Which part of the body secretes hormone 'secretin'?

(a) Oesophagus
(b) Duodenum
(c) Ileum
(d) Stomach

Q6: Fat emulsification cannot occur in the presence of 

(a) bile salts
(b) bile pigments
(c) lipase
(d) pancreatic juice

Q7: Vitamin C (abscorbic Acid) helps in preventing

(a) rickets
(b) pellagara
(c) night blindness
(d) scurvy

Q8: Which of the following does not belong to carbohydrates?

(a) Glycogen
(b) Chitin
(c) Steroids
(d) Glycans

Q9: In vertebrates lacteals are found in

(a) ileum
(b) oesophagus
(c) ear
(d) ischium

Q10: Which of the following is a reducing sugar?

(a) Sucrose
(b) Gluconic Acid
(c) Galactose
(d) Beta-methyl Galactoside

1: (c) Chlorella [Used as food supplement for astronauts]
2: (b) amino acids and glucouse
3: (c) Fat and Cellulose
4: (d) small intestine
5: (b) Duodenum
6: (a) bile salts
7: (d) scurvy
8: (c) Steroids
9: (a) ileum
10: (c) Galactose

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