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CBSE Class 12 - Informatics Practices - Java GUI Programming - Revision Tour-1 (Q and A) (#cbseNotes)

Java GUI Programming - Revision Tour-1
(Q & A)

CBSE Class 12 - Informatics Practices - Java GUI Programming - Revision Tour-1 (Q and A) (#cbseNotes)

Exercise Solutions of Sumita Arora Textbook

Q1: What is RAD?

Answer: Rapid Application Development (RAD) describes a method of developing software through the use of pre-programming tools or wizards. The pre-programmed tools or controls are simply dropped on a screen to visually design the interface of application.

Q2: What are RAD tools?

Answer: RAD tools are the tool that enables one to create applications in shorter time as compared to conventional language. Common examples of tools are:

NetBEans IDE: Provides RAD tools for Java GUI Application development
C++ Builder: RAD tool to develop Windows GUI applications in C++
Visual Basic: RAD tool to develop Windows based applications in BASIC language

Q3: What is event? What is message? How is it related to an event?

An event refers to the occurrence of an activity.
A message is the information/request sent to the application.
Each time an event occurs, it causes a message to be sent to the operating system.

Q4: Name three things are important in event handling?

Event Source
Event Handler or Event Listener
Event Object or Message

Q5: What are properties? What is property window?

Properties are the attributes of graphical controls.
Properties window displays the editable settings for the currently selected component.

Q6: How GUI application works?

Answer: Graphical User Interface (GUI) based application contains Windows, Buttons, Text boxes, dialogue boxes and Menus etc. known as GUI components. While using a GUI application, when user performs an action, an Event is generated. Each time an Event occurs, it causes a Message which sent to OS to take action.

Q7: What are containers? Give examples.

Answer: In Java GUI context, containers, are used to hold components in a specific layout . A container can also hold sub-containers and/or other GUI components or elements.

JFrame, JDialog and JPanel are common examples of containers.

Q8: How are event, message, methods and properties interrelated?

Answer: Event is occurrence of something happened, when event occurred message is sent to application based on which method takes an action which and depending on the method’s action properties are sets or gets.

CBSE Class 12 - Informatics Practices - Java GUI Programming - Revision Tour-1 (Q and A) (#cbseNotes)

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