Tuesday 5 September 2017

Class 6 - Maths - Chapter- 10: Mensuration (Practice Sheet) (#cbseNotes)

Chapter- 10:  Mensuration (Practice Sheet)

Class 6 - Maths - Chapter- 10:  Mensuration (Practice Sheet) (#cbseNotes)

Q1. Find the perimeter of the following:

(a) A rectangle of length 16cm and breadth 10cm.
(b) A parallelogram of length 21 cm and breadth 15cm.
(c) A triangle with sides measuring 10cm,14cm and 16cm.

Q2. How much does Shamim have to walk to go around a square field of side 10m?

Q3. What is the length of a coloured tape required to stick on the sides of a rectangular scenery. The length of the scenery is 20 cm and breadth is 12cm.

Q4. How much wire is required to fence a rectangular field 1 km long and 500m broad?

Q5. The area of a playground is 1547 sqm. Its breadth is 17m. What is the length of the playground?

Q6. Find the cost of levelling a ground a t the rate of Rs 12 per sq m if it is 45 m long and 30 m wide.

Q7. How many tiles whose length and breadth are 12 cm and 5 cm respectively will be needed to fit in a rectangular region whose length and breadth are 200 cm and 144 cm respectively.

Q8. A table cloth measures 3m by 2m 50cm. Another table cloth measures 5m by 1m 50cm. Which rectangular tablecloth costs more if they are made of same cloth?

Q9. The area of a rectangular field 50m long is 250 sqm. Find the width of the field.

Q10. A road 100m long and 20m wide is to be paved with brick,each measuring 25cm by 10cm.Find the number of bricks required.

Q11. Find the perimeter of a regular hexagon with each side measuring 7m.

Q12. A rectangular piece of land measure 1.2 km by 1.3 km .Each side is to be fenced with 4 rows of wires. What is the length of the wire needed?

Q13. Swarn runs around a square park of side 30m four times. Mohit runs twice around a rectangular park of length 70 m and breadth 60m. Who covers more distance and by how much?

Q14. What is the cost of tiling a rectangular plot of land 1 Km long and 200 m wide at the rate of Rs 5 per hundred sq.m?

Q15. The cost of laying grass in a rectangular park at the rate of Rs 10per sqm is Rs 4800. Find the cost of constructing its boundary at the rate of Rs800 per metre if the park is 20m wide.

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