Monday 4 December 2017

CBSE Class 12 - Informatics Practices - Worksheet (#cbseNotes) (#eduvictors)

Informatics Practices - Worksheet

CBSE Class 12 - Informatics Practices - Worksheet (#cbseNotes) (#eduvictors)

Fill in the blanks

1. A___________ is a Logical Unit of Work (LUW) on the database that must succeed or fail entirely.

2. Transaction is an atomic unit, it must be executed independently, no any other transaction should interfere during the execution of a transaction to avoid conflicts. It is known as ______ of database.

3. Transaction SQL command __________, cancels the effect of a transaction and restores the previous state of the database

4. Each time when record is inserted or updated in the table, the other table is referenced. This constraints is also called __________ ___________ Constraints.

5. SQL aggregate function _______ returns the maximum value in the given column.

6. Cartesian Product is also called _______ join.

7. When two copies of the same data do not agree to each other, then it is called ________ and these two copies show __________.

8. A ________ data model maintains relationship of data as tuples and attributes.

9. _________ is collection (set) of possible values from which the value for a column is derived.

10. COMMIT, ROLLBACK, SAVEPOINT are examples of ________ __________ language.

11. Output of mysql>SELECT 4*3; is ________

12. In LIKE operator ' _ _ _' represents ______________.

13. mysql> Select POWER(3,2); returns ___________

14. Information that contains links to other information resources is called _______ information.

15. ARPANet stands for ________________________, this projects marks the beginning of internet.

16. A Web Client program which allows users to access and navigate the World Wide Web over Internet is called _______ _________.

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