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CBSE Class 9 - History - Chapter 3 - Nazism and the Rise of Hitler (Very Short Q and A)(#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)

 Nazism and the Rise of Hitler 

 (Very Short Q and A)

CBSE Class 9 - History - Chapter 3 - Nazism and the Rise of Hitler (Very Short Q and A)(#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)

Q1: Why did Helmut’s father kill himself in the spring of 1945?

Answer: He feared revenge by the Allied Powers

Q2: What is referred to as Fascism in History?

Answer: Fascism was first propagated by Benito Mussolini. Under the Fascist system power of the state is vested in one person or a group of persons.

Q3: Why did the Nuremberg Tribunal sentence only 11 Nazis to death for such a massive genocide?

Answer: The Allies did not want to be harsh on defeated Germany as they had been after World War I

Q4: Give the name of the book written by Hitler.

Answer: Mein Kampf

Q5: Who was called the ‘November criminals’?

Answer: The supporters of Weimar Republic

Q6: Name the four countries included in the Allied Powers in World War II.

Answer: England, France, Russia and USA were included in the Allied Powers.

Q7: War in 1917 led to the strengthening of Allies and the defeat of Germany because of entry of.......

Answer: The USA

Q8: Which countries were known as Axis Powers in World War II?

Answer: Germany, Italy and Japan were known as Axis Powers.

Q9: The National Assembly met at Weimer and decided to establish.......

Answer: A democratic constitution with a federal structure.

Q10: What was the German Parliament called?

Answer: The German Parliament was called Reichstag.

Q11: What was ‘Dawes Plan’?

Answer: A plan which reworked the terms of reparation to ease the financial burden on the Germans.

Q12: What effect the Great Economic Depression have?

Answer: The Great Economic Depression (1929-1934) led to the collapse of US economy which began with the crash of the Wall Street Exchange in 1929. It had repercussion all over the world and led to sustained large-scale unemployment.

Q13: What was the slogan coined by Hitler when he followed his aggressive foreign policy?

Answer: One people, one empire, and one leader

Q14: Which incident led to the start of World War II?

Answer: German invasion of Poland

Q15: What was the Nazi argument for their imperialist ambitions?

Answer: The Nazi argument for their imperialist ambitions was, the strongest race would survive and the weak perish. To retain the purity of the Aryan race they had to dominate the world.

Q16: When did Germany attack the Soviet Union?

Answer: 1941

Q17: Who were the signatories of the 1940 Tripartite Pact?

Answer: Germany, Italy and Japan (collectively called Axis Powers)

Q18: Which incident persuaded the USA to join the war?

Answer: Helplessness of England and France. Another major reason was, it was attacked by Japan.

Q19: When did the Second World War come to an end?

Answer: May 1945

Q20: According to the Nazis, which people were to be regarded as desirable?

Answer: Pure and healthy Nordic Aryans.

Q21: What does the term 'Holocaust' refer to?

Answer: The term Holocaust refers to the atrocities and sufferings endured by Jews during Nazi killing operations.

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