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CBSE Class 6-10 : English Grammar Worksheet - Pronouns (#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)

 English Grammar Worksheet

CBSE Class 6-10 : English Grammar Worksheet - Pronouns (#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)

A Pronoun is a word used in stead of a noun: as, The boy loves __his__ book;he has long lessons. Pronouns are substitutes for names, or nouns; but they sometimes represent sentences. Here is a worksheet on usage of pronouns in sentences.

Question: Read the passage carefully and fill the blanks with suitable pronouns by replacing the underlined words. 

Everybody knows the story of Ekalavya. The story tells people about the great respect that an ordinary tribal boy had for (Ekalavya's) __a___ guru Dronacharya. When Drona refuses to teach (Ekalavya) __b_____ archery. Ekalavya ___c____ makes a clay image of (Drona) ____d_____ guru.

When Drona comes to know about this. (Drona) ___e_____ demands Ekalavya's right thumb as gurudakshina. Ekalavya immediately draws (Ekalavya's) _____f______ sword, cuts off (Ekalavya's) ___g______ right thumb and offers (Ekalavya's thumb) ____h_____ to Drona. Such was (Ekalavya's) ___i_____ love and respect for (Ekalavya's) __j___ guru.

Today in India, gurus are treated with absolute respect. In the field of music and dance, (gurus) __k_____ are treated almost like Gods! Pupils sometimes live with (pupils) ___l_____  gurus and attend (guru's) ___m____ needs. (The pupils) ___n_____ serve them in various ways. In return the gurus teach the sishyas all (the gurus) ____o____ know. (The gurus) ____p_____ feel proud when (the gurus') ___q_____ disciples achieve fame and success. The gurursishya relationship is marked by love, devotion and loyalty.


a. his
b. him
c. He
d. his
e. he
f. his
g. his
h. it
i. his
j. his
k. they
l. thier
m. their
n. They
o. they
p. They
q. their

Question 2: Fill in the blanks with suitable pronoun.

1. I really like Sania. ______ is my best friend.

2. Could you tell me what time _____ is?

3. _____ is coming to the party tonight?

4. I saw _______ in the mirror.

5. I met John yesterday. I asked ________________ for some help.

6.  Many politicians stole money from taxpayers and have luxurious lifestyles. They consider _________ to be above the law.

7. _______ were flowers in the meadow.

8. Have you seen my uncle? ____________ ’s wearing a red shirt.

9. We brought ________ own car.

10. One should strive to better ________ every day.

1. She
2. it
3. Who
4. myself
5. him
6. themselves
7. There
8. He
9. our
10. oneself

Question 3: Correct the following sentences.

1. My friend is old as me.

2. It was him who began the quarrel.

3. You and I have done your duty.

4. Birds build its nests in trees.

5. He told Manish and I to go there.

6. I and you must work together.

7. The dog has it's bone.

8. We scored as many goals as them.

1. me  -> I
2. him -> he
3. your -> our
4. it -> their
5. I -> me
6. You and I must work together.
7. it's  -> its
8. them -> they.