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CBSE Class 9 - English - Beehive - Chapter 7 - Packing (Q and A)(#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)

Class 9 - English - Beehive - Chapter 7 - Packing (Q and A)


CBSE Class 9 - English - Beehive - Chapter 7 - Packing (Q and A)(#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors)

Thinking about the Text
I. Discuss in pairs and answer each question below in a short paragraph (30 – 40 words).

Q1. How many characters are there in the narrative? Name them. (Don’t forget the dog!).

Answer: There are four characters in the narrative. They are Jerome (the narrator), George, Harris, and Montmorency (the dog).

Q2. Why did the narrator (Jerome) volunteer to do the packing?

Answer: The narrator volunteered to do the packing as he took pleasure in himself for his packing talents. It was one of those things that he felt he knew more about than any other living person.

Q3. How did George and Harris react to this? Did Jerome like their reaction?

Answer: George and Harris without problems accepted Jerome's proposal. George put on a pipe and spread himself over the easy-chair. Harris placed his legs on the table and lit a cigar. No, Jerome did not like their reaction.

Q4. What was Jerome’s real intention when he offered to pack?

Answer: When Jerome had offered to pack, his real intention was that he would supervise the process, and Harris and George would work beneath his instructions. Then, he would push them apart every now after which, and educate them the way to do it well. That is why their reaction irritated him.

Q5. What did Harris say after the bag was shut and strapped? Why do you think he waited till then to ask?

Answer: After the bag was close and strapped, Harris asked Jerome if he wasn't going to put the boots in. Jerome knew that Harris was like that. He might not have said a word till he had shut and strapped the bag.

Q6. What “horrible idea” occurred to Jerome a little later?

Answer: The “horrible idea” that took place to Jerome a little later turned into if he had packed his toothbrush or no not. He always forgot if he had packed his toothbrush or not.

Q7. Where did Jerome finally find the toothbrush?

Answer: After going via everything he had packed, Jerome finally located the toothbrush inside a boot.

Q8. Why did Jerome have to reopen the packed bag?

Answer: Jerome had to reopen the bag because he found that he had packed his tobacco pouch in it.

Q9. What did George and Harris offer to pack and why?

Answer: George and Harris offered to pack the hampers for carrying meals. Harris stated that they
would like to begin in less than twelve hours time and consequently it was better that he and George should do the rest of the packing.

Q10. While packing the hamper, George and Harris do a number of foolish and funny things. Tick the statements that are true.
(i) They started with breaking a cup.
(ii) They also broke a plate.
(iii) They squashed a tomato.
(iv) They trod on the butter.
(v) They stepped on a banana.
(vi) They put things behind them, and couldn’t find them.
(vii) They stepped on things.
(viii) They packed the pictures at the bottom and put heavy things on top.
(ix) They upset almost everything.
(x) They were very good at packing.

Answer: Statements i, iii, iv, vi, vii and ix are true.

Q11: What does Jerome say was Montmorency's ambition in life? What do you think of Montmorency and why?

Answer: Montmorency's ambition in life was to get inside the way and get scolded. It felt that its day would not be a waste if he is able to cross everywhere in which he become no longer desired and be an excellent nuisance, make humans mad, and feature matters thrown at its head. Its highest aim become to get any individual to stumble over and curse him progressively for an hour. When he succeeded in engaging in this, its pleasure in itself have become insufferable.

Q12: Of the three, Jerome, George and Harris, who do you think is the best or worst packer? Support your answer with details from the text.

Answer: Among the three friends, Jerome, George and Harris, all showed to be terrible at packing
things. However Jerome was somewhat better than the other two. Jerome volunteered to do the packing as he took satisfaction in himself for his packing talents. However, his packing capabilities have been now not on top of things. He forgot to pack his boots; could not recollect if he had packed his toothbrush or no not; and accidentally packed his tobacco-pouch. On every of those occasions, he had to unpack the whole lot he had already packed.

When George and Harris began packing the hampers, they proved to be plenty worse than Jerome. They broke a cup; packed heavy things on top of light items; put thing behind them and then couldn't find them once they wanted them; stepped on the items; and upset nearly the whole lot.