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CBSE Class 7 - Science - Chapter 16: Water - A Precious Resource (Worksheet)(#eduvictors)(#class7Science)(#cbse2020)

Chapter 16: Water - A Precious Resource (Worksheet)

Class 7 - Science

Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

1. __________ is celebrated as the world water day.

2. _______ of the earth’s surface is covered with water.

3. _____ and _______ water is highly salty and hence unfit for drinking.

4. Most of the freshwater is frozen in the __________ and in the polar ice caps and is thus not readily available.

5. Water circulates through the water cycle and is found in ________ physical forms.

6. The solid physical state of water is called _______ or _______.

7. _________ water vapour is present in the atmosphere.

8. _______ is the frozen water in the atmosphere that falls back to the Earth.

9. The continuous circulation of water in nature among its three forms to keep the total amount of water on the earth constant is called _______ ______.

10. The water found below the water table is called ________ water.

11. The water that we can drink is called _______ water.

12. The rainwater and water from rivers and ponds etc., seeps through the soil and fills the empty spaces and cracks deep below the ground. This process is called ___________.

13. At places, the groundwater is stored between layers of hard rock below the water table. This is known as an ________.

14. _______ __________ is a technique of watering plants by making use of narrow tubing which deliver water directly at the base of the plant.

1. 22 March
2. 71% (or More than 70%)
3. Sea, ocean
4. glaciers
5. three 
6. ice or snow
7. Gaseous
8. Precipitation
9. water cycle
10. ground
11. potable
12. infiltration
13. aquifer
14. Drip Irrigation

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