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CBSE Class 12 - Business Studies - MCQs - Set-2 (#cbse2020)(#eduvictors)(#class12BusinessStudies)

CBSE Class 12 - Business Studies - MCQs -

CBSE Class 12 - Business Studies - MCQs - Set-2 (#cbse2020)(#eduvictors)(#class12BusinessStudies)

Q1: The process of creating an internal environment, where individual work effectively and efficiently for the achievement of the goal is known as

(a) Coordination 

(b) Delegation

(c) Management 

(d) Planning

Q2: Coordination is a _________ of management

(a) Separate Function of Management

(b) Essence of Management

(c) Objective of Management

(d) None of the other

Q3: A purchase manager of a company has to purchase 500 tonnes of raw material. Apart from the other suppliers in the market, his son also supplies that raw material. The manager purchases the raw material from the firm of his son at a rate higher than the market rate, which principle of management has been violated by this situation?

(a) Unity of command

(b) Unity of direction

(c) Subordinating personal interest to general interest

(d) Equity

Q4: Which of the following statements best describes ‘Mental Revolution’?

(a) It implies a change of attitude

(b) The Management and workers should not play the game of one man ship

(c) Both management and workers require each other

(d) Workers should be paid more wages

Q5: Which of the following is an example of a social environment? 

(a) Money supply in the economy

(b) Consumer Protection Act

(c) The Constitution of the country

(d) Composition of family

Q6: “Even after opening up of the Indian economy in 1991 foreign companies found it extremely difficult to cut through the bureaucratic red tape to get permits for doing business in India, which created a negative impact on business.”

Identify the dimension of the business environment which led to the creation of the negative impact on business.

(a)  Social Environment 

(b) Technological

(c) Political Environment 

(d) Legal Environment

Q7: Making assumptions for the future is called

(a) Making derivative plans 

(b) Making policy

(c) Setting planning premises 

(d) All of the above

Q8: Under which philosophy of marketing, efforts are made to bring down the cost of production to the minimum?

(a) Production concept 

(b) Product concept

(c) Marketing concept 

(d) Selling concept

Q9: Which of the following statements True / False

(a) Planning gives a guarantee of success.

(b) Planning is time-consuming and involves huge cost.

Q10: Which one of the following is not a step in the process of organising:

(a) Evaluation of alternatives 

(b) Grouping the activities

(c) Assignment of duties 

(d) Establish authority relationship

Q11: To get feedback about its recently launched immunity-boosting ayurvedic medicine, Adarsh limited conducted an online survey using a questionnaire, to gather customer views and opinions. Identify the marketing function being used by Adarsh Limited:

(a) Standardisation

(b) Product Designing

(c) Customer support service

(d) Gathering and analyzing market information

Q12: Name the method of training in which the trainee learns under the guidance of a master worker.

(a) Internship Training 

(b) Apprenticeship Programme 

(c) Vestibule Training 

(d) Campus Recruitment

Q13: Name the process of identifying and choosing the best person out of several prospective candidates for a job

(a) Recruitment 

(b) Selection 

(c) Training

(d) Placement

Q14: The leader who encourages the employees to give suggestion and allots the work after consulting the employees is called

(a) Autocratic leader 

(b) Free Rein leader

(c) Democratic leader 

(d) None of the above

Q15: Once plans are made, it is difficult to change them, so planning leads to _______________ (Fill in the blanks)

Q16: An efficient control system helps to ________________. 

(a) Accomplish organizational objectives 

(b) Boosts employee morale 

(c) Judges accuracy of standards 

(d) All of the above


Assertion: (I) Delegation of authority is inevitable and decentralisation is voluntary.

Reason: (II) Scope of the delegation of authority is limited and the scope of decentralisation is broad.

(a) Above both statement are True

(b) Above both statement are False

(c) Statement (I) is True and Statement (II) is False

(d) Statement (I) is False and Statement (II) is True


RAVI SOLAR limited is searching for options to raise 20,000 crores from the primary market for diversification and modernisation of existing projects. It hired the services of a renowned financial consultancy firm, KUBER PVT. LTD. for suggesting options for the same. KUBER PVT. LTD. suggested a list of options to the Board of Directors of the company. It was decided that for the immediate requirement of Rs1500 crores the company will give a privilege to existing shareholders to subscribe to a new issue of shares according to the terms and conditions of the company. 24500 crores would be raised by allotment of securities to a consortium of financial institutions, instead of inviting subscription from the public by making a direct appeal to investors to raise capital. It was further decided to raise capital to the tune of Rs 6000 crores through an issuing house. All these options were accepted by the Board of Directors. The Board further decided to raise Rs 8,000 crores through the on-line system of the stock exchange by entering into an agreement with the exchange.

Identify the method of floatation of new issues in the primary market being discussed above in the underlined statement, which the company has decided to use.

(a) Offer for sale 

(b) Private placement

(c) Right Issue 

(d) Offer through Prospectus

Q19: Span of management refers to

(a) Area of responsibilities of a manager

(b) Manager's accountability

(c) No.of subordinates who can be effectively controlled by one manager

(d) None of the above

Q20: Pragya brought an Iron box of a reputed brand for Rs.1500 but it caused an electric shock while it was being used. Pragya wants to exercise her right. Identify the Right under which she can be protected.

(a) Right to choose 

(b) Right to safety 

(c) Right to be heard 

(d) none of these

Q21: Which instrument of the money market is also called a zero-coupon bond?

(a) Call money 

(b) Commercial Paper

(c) Certificate of Deposit 

(d) Treasury Bill

Q22: Which of the following is not an element of the social environment?

(a) Birth and Death rate 

(b) Constitution of the country

(c) Population Shifts 

(d) Life expectancy

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1: (c) Management

2: (b) Essence of Management

3: (c) Subordinating personal interest to general interest

4: (a) It implies a change of attitude

5: (d) Composition of family

6: (c) Political Environment

7: (c) Setting planning premises

8: (a) Production concept

9: a. Planning gives a guarantee of success. (false)

    b. Planning is time-consuming and involves huge cost. (true)

10: (a) Evaluation of alternatives

11: (d) Gathering and analyzing market information

12: (b) Apprenticeship Programme

13: (b) Selection

14: (c) Democratic leader

15: Rigidity

16: (d) All of the above

17: (a) True

18: (b) Private placement

19: (c) No.of subordinates who can be effectively controlled by one manager

20: b) Right to safety

21: (d) Treasury Bill

22: (b) Constitution of the country

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