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CBSE Class 12 Business Studies - Term 1 MCQs (#cbse2021Term1)(#class12BusinessStudies)(#Class12MCQs)(#eduvictors)

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies - Term 1 MCQs

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies - Term 1 MCQs (#cbse2021Term1)(#class12BusinessStudies)(#Class12MCQs)(#eduvictors)

Q1: “Planning is not mere guess work or wasteful thinking, it is based on analysis of facts and figures.” Identify the feature of planning being highlighted here.

(a) Planning is futuristic 

(b) Planning is a continuous process

(c) Planning is goal-oriented 

(d) Planning is a mental exercise

Q2: Garima is using environmental friendly methods of production. Shc is trying to achieve ______ objective of management.

(a) Social 

(b) Organisational

(c) Personal 

(d) Economical

Q3: Organising is a process by which a manager:

(a) establishes order out of chaos

(b) removes conflict among people over work/responsibility sharing 

(c) creates an environment suitable for teamwork

(d) all of these

Q4: Efficiency is concerned with 

(a) Doing the right thing

(b) Doing things right

(c) Achieving end results

(d) None of the above

Q5: The principles of pure science is considered to be _________ in nature. 

(a) Flexible

(b) Rigid

(c) Creative

(d) None of these

Q6: Which one of the following is an importance of organising?

(a) Improves creativity 

(b) Optimum utilisation of resources 

(c) Leads to innovation 

(d) Guarantee success

Q7: According to Taylor, "even a small production activity like loading figures of iron into boxes can be scientifically planned and managed. This can result in tremendous savings of human energy as well as wastage of time and materials." 

Identify the related principle of scientific management.

(a) Harmony, not discord

(b) Science, not rule of thumb

(c) Development of each and every person to get his/her greatest efficiency and prosperity

(d) None of the above

Q8: A brand/part of a brand that is given legal protection is called:

(a) Trade mark 

(b) Brand name 

(c) Logo 

(d) Brand mark

Q9: Planning results in decreasing _____________.

(a) Coordination

(b) Proper use of resources

(c) Future Uncertainties

(d) Control

Q10: Since more number of people have become more beauty and health conscious, our economy has witnessed an unprecedented surge in the number of health and beauty spas and wellness clinics. Related feature of business environment being described in the above lines is —

(a) Totality of external forces

(b) Dynamic nature 

(c) Interrelatedness 

(d) Relativity

Q11: Identify the feature of co-ordination being highlighted in the given statement.

“Coordination is not a one-time function, it begins at the planning stage and continue till controlling.”

(a) Coordination ensures unity of action

(b) Coordination is an all pervasive function 

(c) Coordination is a continuous process

(d) Coordination is a deliberate function

Q12: All other managerial functions are performed within the framework of the plans drawn. Identify the related feature of planning.

(a) Planning focuses on achieving objectives.

(b) Planning is pervasive.

(c) Planning is futuristic.

(d) Planning is primary function of management.

Q13: As the span of management increases in an organisation, the number of levels of management in the organisation

(a) Increases

(b) Decreases

(c) Remains unaffected 

(d) None of these

Q14: Dual Subordination can be avoided, by abiding with:

(a) Unity of command 

(b) Unity of direction

(c) Centralisation and Decentralisation 

(d) None of these

Q15: Which of the following statements best describes mental revolution.

(a) It implies change of attitude

(b) The management and workers should not play the game of one upmanship

(c) Both Management and workers require each other

(d) Workers should be paid more wages 

Q16: Which of the following is not a designation related to lower level management? 

(a) Plant Superintendent

(b) Supervisors

(c) Section officers

(d) Marketing Manager

Q17: Which of the following are considered as pillar(s) of marketing?

(a) Packaging

(b) Labelling

(c) Both a and b

(d) None of these

Q18: Agile Limited has launched a new range of air conditioners in order to add value to the usability of the product. The new range of air conditioners have an inbuilt air purifier and are available in attractive colours. Identify the type of marketing philosophy being described in the above lines.

(a) Product concept

(b) Production concept

(c) Marketing concept

(d) Societal marketing concept

Q19: Most of the companies are using Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, Tatacliq etc. for selling their products directly to consumers. Which element of marketing mix is affected by it?

(a) Product mix 

(b) Price mix 

(c) Promotion mix 

(d) Place mix

Q20: Which element of marketing makes the product available to the target customer? 

(a) Product 

(b) Promotion

(c) Physical distribution 

(d) Price


1: (d) Planning is a mental exercise

2: (a) Social 

3: (d) all of these

4: (b) Doing things right

5: (c) Creative

6: (b) Optimum utilisation of resources 

7: (b) Science, not rule of thumb

8: (a) Trade mark 

9: (c) Future Uncertainties

10: (c) Interrelatedness 

11: (c) Coordination is a continuous process

12: (d) Planning is primary function of management.

13: (b) Decreases [because more subordinates can be effectively managed by a superior]

14: (a) Unity of command 

15: (c) Both Management and workers require each other

16: (d) Marketing Manager

17: (c) Both a and b

18: (a) Product concept

19: (d) Place mix

20: (c) Physical distribution 

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