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CBSE Class 6 - Science - Air Around Us (Worksheet) #class6Science #Class6Worksheets #AirAroundUs #eduvictors

 CBSE Class 6 - Science - Air Around Us (Worksheet)

CBSE Class 6 - Science - Air Around Us (Worksheet) #class6Science #Class6Worksheets #AirAroundUs #eduvictors

Fill in the blanks with suitable words. Take words from the list given below.

atmosphere, aquatic, breathing, cylinders, direction, evaporation, humidity, masks, mixture, pressure, space, wind 

1. The blanket of air that surrounds the earth is called __________.

2. Air is a ______ of some gases.

3. Air in motion is called _____.

4. ______ animals use dissolved air in water for respiration.

5. Air is needed for ______ by almost all living beings.

6. Air helps in quick _________ of sweat that helps in keeping us cool.

7. Mountaineers carry oxygen ______ with them while climbing high mountains.

8. Coronavirus can transmit through the air that's why we should wear _______ in crowded places.

9. A weather cock shows the ______ in which the air is moving at that place.

10. Amount of water vapour present in the air is called ________.

11. Aeroplanes also go up in the air because of air _______.

12. Air occupies _____, we cannot see it.


1. atmosphere

2. mixture

3. wind

4. Aquatic

5. breathing

6. evaporation

7. cylinders

8. masks

9. direction

10. humidity

11. pressure

12. space

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