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English Writing Skills - Formal Letters #eduvictors #cbsenotes #FormalLetters

English Writing Skills - Formal Letters

English Writing Skills - Formal Letters  #eduvictors #cbsenotes #FormalLetters

Formal letters are written to people who are not known to us personally. It is written in the formal language with a specific format for business or official purposes.

Here we talk about two types of formal letters

- Application to the Principal

- Letter to the Editor


  • Keep the letter short and to the point. Mention all the necessary information.
  • Make sure that the ideas are well presented.
  • Use a polite, formal but positive tone.
  • Write in clear and legible handwriting.
  • Conclude with hope, appeal or suggestion.


Application to the Principal Editorial letter
X City/Sender’s Address as given
in the question

The Principal ABC School/
As given in the question

X City Date(dt/mth/yr)

Respected Madam/Sir

Content –
Introduction Reason

Thanking you.
Yours obediently
XYZ (signature)
XYZ (signatory- in capital letters) Class/Section/Designation
X City/Sender’s Address given in the question

The Editor ABC Newspaper/
As given in the question

X City

Content –

Thanking you.
Yours sincerely
XYZ (signature)
XYZ (signatory- in capital letters)

Sample Formal Letters

Q1: You are Sanchit Sinha, a student of Class VIII A of Manav Public School, Delhi. Write an application to the Principal of your school requesting her to grant you a free scholarship.



The Principal

Manav Public School


June 30, 2022

Respected Madam

Subject: Request to Grant Free Scholarship

I am a student of class VIII-A of your reputed school. I have been studying in the institution right from Kindergarten and have always been lucky to be a rank holder every year.

Madam, I would like to humbly inform you that my father retired from his service a year ago due to which his economic condition is not so robust and he is unable to pay my tuition fees any longer. Under such circumstances, I am left with no other alternative but to discontinue my studies.

So, I request you to kindly grant me a free scholarship so that I am enabled to continue with my studies, otherwise my career will be nipped in the blooming stage. I would like to inform you that I am a well-mannered and obedient student. I have won many medals in sports competitions and certificates in other co-curricular activities too.

If I am granted the above-mentioned concession, I promise to spare no pains to study more diligently and bring more accolades to the school. I shall be ever grateful to you for this.

Thanking you

Yours obediently




Q2. You are Abhinav Pandey, a resident of 121, Janakpuri, Delhi. You are concerned as the prices of commodities are increasing at a rapid pace. Write a letter to the Editor of The Times of India, complaining about the price hike.


121 Janakpuri,


The Editor

The Times of India

Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg


June 30, 2022


Subject: Problem of Price Hike

Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the attention of the government toward a price hike.

The prices of all the essential commodities are increasing at a rapid pace. The common man is finding it extremely difficult to make both ends meet. They are finding it tough to arrange for the daily necessities of life, not to speak of the luxuries. The daily necessities of life are becoming costlier with each passing day. Prices of wheat, flour, rice, pulses, sugar, vegetable oil and other basic necessities of life have touched new heights. In fact, there is no limit to a price hike. The steep rise in prices has severely hit the poor and middle-class people. They groan day and night under the crushing weight of rising prices. The government must realize that price rise always affects the living standards of the average public.

Big businessmen and hoarders store things in their warehouses and create artificial shortages in the market. This leads to an increase in prices. Despite the warnings given to the hoarders and the black marketers by the government, the price rise remains unchecked. If the situation persists, the unrest and discontent among the general public will indeed increase and cause civic problems.

This problem can be solved if the government takes immediate steps. The number of fair price depots should be increased. Shopkeepers and traders must be ordered to put price lists of essential commodities. Black marketers and hoarders must be dealt with sternly with a huge penalty. Formulation of new policies for the welfare of the poor would be of great help too.

Expecting that the government takes instant steps to resolve the public outcry and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely/truly



Q3: Write a letter to the editor complaining about the nuisance caused by loudspeakers in the city.


302, Bharat Apartments,

Rohini, Delhi

April 02, 2022

The Editor,

The Times of India


Subject: Nuisance caused by loudspeakers in the city

Respected Sir,

In order to communicate my distress and anger regarding the issue of loudspeakers during exam days, I am writing this letter. I attend a reputable school in the city and am currently in the 10th standard. The end-of-the-year tests are quickly approaching.

Loudspeaker noise is just as distracting and upsetting during the day as it is at night. The loudspeakers' constant noise, especially on weekends, is intolerable. I was completely unable to study last weekend. Even though it is against the law to play loud music after 10 o'clock, people continue to do so, putting thousands of students like myself through unnecessary hardship. In addition, certain elderly patients and children in every neighbourhood also suffer because of this noise pollution.

I, on behalf of all the students of the city, plead and appeal to concerned authorities to look into the matter as this is a clear violation of the laws.

Yours truly,



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