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Notice Writing - English Grammar and Writing Skills #class8 #class9 #class10 #eduvictors #cbseNotes


Notice Writing - English Grammar and Writing Skills #class8 #class9 #class10 #eduvictors #cbseNotes

NOTICE is a short piece of formal writing used by the institutions to announce an event or to make public appeals.

Remember the following points while writing a notice:
  1. Time, date and venue should be clearly mentioned.
  2. No use of ‘I’ or ‘You’.
  3. The heading should be catchy.
  4. The purpose of writing the notice should be clear.
  5. Enclose the notice in a box. It should be neatly drawn with a pen and scale.
  6. Content should not exceed the word limit of 50 words.

1. Lost
  •  Article lost
  •  Date, time and place
  • Identification marks (colour, size, material etc.)
  • Whom to Contact
  • Suitable reward

2. Found
  •  Article found
  •  Place of notice (to identify and claim the article)
  • Whom to Contact
  • When and where

3. Tours/Excursions/Events/Competitions
  •  Name of the event
  • The venue, time and date
  • Classes
  • Entry fee/ expenditure
  • Organiser
  • Whom to Contact
  • Specific details (if any)

Question: You are Shawn, the Head Boy of Mount Carmel School, Pelling, Sikkim. You are touched by the plight of the poor and the destitute in the state-run homes and wish to make a difference in their lives by lessening their sufferings. You decide to raise funds for this purpose. Write a notice in not more than 50 words, making an appeal for generous donations from the locals.

Mount Carmel School, Pelling, Sikkim 

May 22  2022 

Raise Funds for the underprivileged 

All students and teachers of our school are thus notified that a little charity programme will be held on June 1st at 10:30 a.m. in the School Hall to generate funds for the destitute who live in state-run homes. Our tiny contributions can make a big difference in their lives. As a result, everyone is encouraged to help in whatever form or amount to alleviate these individuals' plight and suffering. Please contact the undersigned for more information.

(Head Boy)

Question: You are Monika Sharma, the Head Girl of St Mary’s School, Agra. Draft a notice, informing the students of classes IX to XII about a workshop on ‘Table Manners and Social Etiquettes’ to be held on the school premises. Mention all the necessary details.


May 22  2022 

Workshop on ‘Table Manners and Social Etiquettes’ 

This is to inform all the students that there will be a workshop on 'table manners and etiquettes' for Class IX to XII. Charges are ₹3000 for a full-day workshop. It will be held in the school auditorium at 10:00 a.m on June 2, 2022. Interested students can deposit charges and submit their names to the undersigned.

Monika Sharma
(Head Girl)

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