Tuesday 30 October 2012

CBSE Class 10 - Science - How do Organisms Reproduce? (Formative Assignment)

How do Organisms Reproduce? 
(Formative Assignment)

Q(Teachers FA Manual): Fill up the a crossword puzzle as per the clues given below:


1.   Malarial parasite reproduces this way
4.   Male reproductive part of a flower
5.   Also called ‘Future shoot’
6.   Female reproductive part of a flower
7.   A contraceptive that creates a mechanical barrier
9.   An organism that reproduces by budding and regeneration
11. The leaves of this plant produce buds for reproduction

2.    In animals, embryo gets nutrition through.........
3.    A sexually transmitted disease
8.    This part of the flower ripens to form a fruit
10.  It passes from one generation to the other


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