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CBSE Class 10 - English (C) - Workbook - Intergraded Grammar Practice 8

Integrated Grammar Practice 8

Q1: Given below are instructions for opening a bank account. Use these to complete the paragraph that follows.

  • obtain form from the bank
  • fill in the form with all the relevant details
  • ask an account-holder to countersign your form
  • submit two passport-size photographs
  • deposit the minimum amount required

First a form must be (a) _obtained from the bank_ . All relevant details (b) _should be filled in the form_. The form must then (c) _be counter-signed by an account-holder_. Two passportsize
photographs along with proof of residence (d) _should be submitted_. Finally the minimum amount required (e) _must be deposited_.

Q2: Given below are a few news headlines. Using information from the same, complete the sentences that follow.

1. India Allows Airspace to Pak
In the first public move to diffuse tension between the two countries, India _has allowed Pak planes to fly_  through Indian airspace.

2. Research Work at AIIMS Stalled for Want of Animals
More than 50 research projects at the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences _have been stalled owing to non-availability of animals_ to conduct experiments on.

3. After making Toilets, MCD Looks for Users
About 250 toilet complexes constructed by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi with Japanese aid have turned into liabilities as apparently there are no users that MCD is looking for.

4. Selling Kidneys to make a Living
Starving Tribals of Idduki district _are selling kidneys/are forced to sell kidneys_ to make a living.

5. Kidneys Donated without Medical Inspection
Most of the kidney donation procedures (are performed without)/(done lacked) the required medical examination in Indian hospitals.

Q3: The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each of the lines. Write the incorrect word and the correction in the space provided.

-    Error            Correction
Traditionally the festival of Holi is told to(a) told said
mark a beginning of summer. While(b) a  the
there are some people who rise a cheer(c) rise raise
at that prospect, the rest of us neither sigh(d) that this
resignedly or contemplate suicide, and began to              (e) began begin
hunt out our cottons, servicing all our cooling(f) servicing service
devices, hang in the chiks, and prepare to(g) in up
endure the season for heat, dust and sweat(h) for of

Q4: Complete the following paragraph on one of the earlier voyages of Columbus by choosing the correct options.

Christopher Columbus , (a) ______________________________ born in 1451 AD. Unlike the people of his time, (b) ______________________________. In order to prove his belief he said (c) ______________________________, he could reach Japan. Queen Isabella of Spain supported him. Columbus sailed west (d)______________________________three ships. Unfortunately, one of the ships was wrecked. Columbus returned to Spain (e) ______ ________________________ to form a colony.


(a)  (i) a skilled sailor and an explorer, was ✓
     (ii) was skilled sailor and an explorer
    (iii) being a skilled sailor and an explorer was
     (iv) a skilled sailor and an explorer is

(b) (i) but Columbus believed that the Earth was round
     (ii) Columbus had believed that the Earth was round
    (iii) but Columbus believed that the Earth is round
    (iv) Columbus believed that the Earth was round ✓

(c) (i) if he sails west from Europe
    (ii) if he is sailing west of Europe
   (iii) if he sailed west from Europe  ✓
   (iv) if he sailed west to Europe

(d) (i) with a crew of ninety men on ✓
    (ii) having a crew of ninety men in
   (iii) with a crew of ninety men having
   (iv) going with a crew of ninety men on

(e) (i) left behind forty men in the island of Hispaniola
    (ii) leaving behind forty men on the island of Hispaniola ✓
   (iii) has left forty men on the island of Hispaniola
    (iv) is leaving forty men on the island of Hispaniola

Q5: Complete the following passage by choosing the correct options from those given below.

Electronic commerce, it seems, still has (a) __________ limits, even in the Silicon Valley. For all the feverish excitement (b) __________ the tripling of electronic shopping last holiday season, the total money (c) __________ by American consumers online still (d) __________ to only about one percent of its total sales barely a tenth (e) __________ the revenues from (f) __________ method of distance selling that has been (g) __________ for a century; the catalogue. This may be because electronic shopping (h) __________ on quite a narrow range of goods, mainly books, toys and music. Worse, there (i) _________ many stories of failed and late deliveries. And, more recently, a string of hackers' attacks (j) __________ temporarily disabled some of the best-known e-commerce websites.


(a) (i) their
     (ii) a
     (iii) the
     (iv) its

(b) (i) about ✓
     (ii) of
    (iii) in
    (iv) for

(c)  (i) spend
     (ii) spending
    (iii) spent ✓
    (iv) being spent

(d) (i) amount
     (ii) amounted
    (iii) amounts ✓
    (iv) amounting

(e) (i) of ✓
    (ii) for
   (iii) by
    (iv) for

(f) (i) another ✓
    (ii) other
   (iii) some
   (iv) the other

(g) (i) user
     (ii) used
    (iii) uses
     (iv) in use ✓

(h) (i) concentrated
     (ii) is concentrating
    (iii) was concentrated
    (iv) had concentrated ✓

(i) (i) were ✓
   (ii) have been
   (iii) has been
   (iv) was

(j) (i) has
    (ii) have ✓
    (iii) having
    (iv) had

Q6: In the passage given below, one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after it in your answer sheet against the correct blank number. Ensure that the word that forms your answer is underlined.


It was my second year boarding- schoolyear in boarding
and was sitting on platform No.8 atand I was
Ambala station waiting the north-bound train.              waiting for the
I think I was about twelve at time. Myat that time
parents considered me old to travel alone,old enough to
and I arrived by bus Ambala early inbus at Ambala
the evening; now there was a wait midnightwait till midnight
before my train arrived. Most the time I hadMost of the
been pacing up and down the platform.

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