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CBSE Class 9 - Geo - Natural Vegetation and Wild Life

Natural Vegetation and Wild Life
White Bengal Tiger


Q1(CBSE 2011): At which of the following places are Royal Bengal tigers found?

(a) Mahanadi delta
(b) Godawari delta
(c) Kaveri delta
(d) Sunderban delta

Q2(NCERT): To which one of the following types of vegetation does rubber belong to?

(a) Tundra
(b) Tidal
(c) Himalayan
(d) Tropical Evergreen

Q3(NCERT): Cinchona trees are found in the areas of rainfall more than

(a) 100 cm
(b) 50 cm
(c) 70 cm
(d) less than 50 cm

Q4(NCERT): In which of the following state is the Simlipal bio-reserve located?

(a) Punjab
(b) Delhi
(c) Orissa
(d) West Bengal

Q5(NCERT): Which one of the following bio-reserves of India is not included in the world network of bioreserve?

(a) Manas
(b) Dihang-Dibang
(c) Gulf of Mannar
(d) Nanda devi

Q6: Which position India occupies at world level in plant diversity?

(a) first
(b) tenth
(c) twelfth
(d) fiftieth

Q7(CBSE 2011): Cinchona, rubber, mahogany, ebony are important trees of

(a) Mangrove forests
(b) Tropical deciduous trees
(c) Tropical rainforests
(d) Montane forests

Q8(SQP): Which one of the following type of forests is found in the Ganga-Bramaputra Delta?

(a) Thorny forests.
(b) Montane forests.
(c) Mangrove forests.
(d) Tropical Rain forests.

Q9(CBSE 2011): How many types of plant species are found in India?

(a) About 45,000
(b) About 40,000
(c) About 47,000
(d) About 20,000

Q10: In which year Wildlife Protection Act, was implemented in India?  

(a) 1969
(b) 1970
(c) 1971
(d) 1972

Q11: Which is the natural habitat of the Indian lion?

(a) Sundarban delta in Bengal
(b) Gir forest in Gujarat
(c) Thorn forest in Rajasthan
(d) Decidious forest in Madhya Pradesh

Q12(CBSE 2012): Silver Fir is found in the following type of vegetation zone:

(a) Mangrove forests
(b) Montane forests
(c) Thorn forests
(d) Deciduous forests

Q13: How many biosphere reserves do we have in India?

(a) 14
(b) 16
(c) 18
(d) 20

Q14(CBSE 2011): Which of the following trees is used for treating blood pressure?

(a) Jamun
(b) Arjun
(c) Neem
(d) Sarpagandha

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1: (d) Sunderban delta
2: (d) Tropical Evergreen
3: (a) 100 cm
4: (c) Orissa
5: (a) Manas
6: (b) tenth
7: (c) Tropical rainforests
8: (c) Mangrove forests.
9: (c) About 47,000
10: (d) 1972
11: (b) Gir forest in Gujarat
12: (b) Montane forests
13: (a) 14
14: (d) Sarpagandha


  1. In Q5 Even Dihang and Dibang does not belong to World Network of Bi-reserve.


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