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CBSE Class 6 - Science - Chapter 1 - Food: Where Does It Come From? (Worksheet)

Food: Where Does It Come From?

CBSE Class 6 - Science - Chapter 1 - Food: Where Does It Come From? (Worksheet)
Different Types of Foods
(credits: wikimedia)


Q1: Ingredients are used to prepare food. Write down the sources of the following ingredients?

Food Item     IngredientsSources
(a) Idli Rice Plant
Urad Dal _____________ 
Salt _____________ 
Water _____________ 
 (b) KheerMilk Animal 
Rice _____________ 
Sugar _____________ 
 (c) Chicken Curry Chicken _____________ 
Spices _____________ 
Oil Plants/Animals 
Water _____________
(d) JalebiMaida _____________
Saffron ____________
Ghee _____________
Sugar _____________

Q2: Give two examples of the following:

Herbivores: ____________________________________________________

Carnivores: ____________________________________________________

Omnivores : ____________________________________________________

Plants whose stem is edible: ________________________________________

Plants whose roots are edible: ______________________________________

Scavengers: _________________________________________________________

Q3: State True or False

(a) Cereals, Fats and Oils are body building food                                  _________

(b) All plants are edible.                                                                        _________

(c) Animals which eat both plants and animals are called omnivores. ___________

(d) Cooked food is tasty and healthy. _________

(e) Honey is made from nectar of flowers.  ________

Q4: Fill in the blanks

(a) Kidney beans, grams, urad dal are rich in __________.

(b) Edible part in Lettuce and Spinach is _________.

(c) Animals which eat only animals are called _________.

(d) Parrot eats only _________________ products.


1: Urad Dal - Legume Plants, Salt - Sea, Water - Ponds, Lakes, Wells
   (b) Rice - Plant, Sugar - Plant
   (c) Spices - Plants, Ghee - Animal,
   (d) Maida - Plant, Saffron - Plant, Ghee - Animal, Sugar - Plant

2: Herbivores: Cow, Sheep
   Carnovores: Lion, Cats
   Omnivores: Cockroach, Humans
   Plants whose stem is edible:  Potato, Onion
   Plants whose roots are edible:  Carrot, Radish
   Scavengers: Vulture, Jackal, Hyena

3: (a) False
   (b) False
   (c) True
   (d) True
   (e) True

4: (a) Protein
   (b) Leaf
   (c) carnivores
   (d) plant

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