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CBSE Class 9: Biology - Chapter - Fundamental Unit of Life - Quiz on Cell Organelles

Quiz on Cell Organelles

Identify the labelled parts of cell and name them.
Answer given below.
Image Attribution: By Kelvinsong (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Read the following questions. Each question gives you a hint about a cell organelle, identify and write down its name.

Q1: Jelly like substance containing particles and other organelles. What is it?

Q2: A partially permeable layer prevents cell contents from escaping controls what substances enter and leave the cell. Identify?

Q3: A fluid-filled space surrounded by a membrane. Generally contains salts and sugars in plants.

Q4: Contains green colour pigment, traps light energy. Present in some plant cells.

Q5: Appear brown dots either present freely in cell or bound to a membrane and make proteins.

Q6: A tough, non-living layer, it prevents plant cells from bursting, freely permeable

Q7: A network of flattened cavities surrounded by a membrane, which links with the nuclear membrane. Help in packaging proteins.

Q8: Slipper or oval shaped, its inner membrane is multi-folded and has lot of chemical activity

Q9: Controls cell division and cell development.

Q10: Thread like structures made up of in DNA and proteins. Converts to chromosomes when cell is dividing.

Q11: Powehouse of cell

Q12: Digestive organelle where macromolecules are hydrolyzed

Q13: Membrane-bound vesicles arranged approximately parallel to each other. Active in synthesis, modification, sorting, and Secretion of cell products

Q14: Present in some animal cells, help in locomotion.

Q15: A structure involved in production of ribosomes, present inside a nucleus.

Q16: Called ‘suicide bags’ of a cell.

Q17: Detoxify drugs and poisons specially in liver cells.

1: Cytoplasm
2: Cell Membrane
3: Vacuole
4: Choloroplasts
5: Ribosomes
6: Cell Wall
7: Rough endoplasmic reticulum
8: Mitochondira
9: Nucleus
10: Chomatin
11: Mitochondiria
12: Lysosomes
13: Golgi Apparatus
14: Flagella
15: Nucleoulous
16: Lysosomes
17: Smooth ER

Answer: Organelles labelled in the picture (animal cell) shown above are:

  1. Nucleolus
  2. Nucleus
  3. Ribosomes (dots on walls of Rough Reticulum)
  4. Vesicle
  5. Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum (RER)
  6. Golgi apparatus 
  7. Cytoskeleton
  8. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
  9. Mitochondrion
  10. Vacuole
  11. Cytosol or Cytoplasm
  12. Lysosome
  13. Centriole
  14. Cell membrane


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