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CBSE Class 10 - NTSE Stage-1 Language Test-2 (#ntse)(#englishquiz)(#cbsenotes)

NTSE Stage-1 Language Test-2

CBSE Class 10 - NTSE Stage-1 Language Test-2

Direction: in question Nos. 1 – 6, Choose the alternative which expresses the meaning of the given idioms/phrases.

Q1: Once in a blue moon

(a) every month
(b) always
(c) rarely
(d) after mid night

Q2: Keep body and soul together

(a) to maintain life
(b) to be free from disease
(c) to live in a joint family
(d) to have fun in life

Q3: Sweat of the brow 

(a) sweating from heat to foot 
(b) sweat runs down the brow
(c) hard labour 
(d) sweat on the forehead

Q4: A snake in the grass 

(a) snake hiding in grass
(b) green coloured snake 
(c) a secret foe
(d) snake lying eggs in grass

Q5: Come under the hammer 

(a) to join
(b) to be sold by an auctioneer 
(c) to break
(d) to beat with hammer

Q6: Slip of the tongue 

(a) to talk nonsense 
(b) to stammer
(c) an error of speech 
(d) to abuse

Direction: in question Nos. 7 – 12, sentences are given with blank to be filled with appropriate word out of four alternatives given:

Q7:  I am sorry I cannot comply ___________ your wishes

(a) with
(b) by
(c) at
(d) for

Q8: I am vexed _________ his silence

(a) about
(b) by
(c) for
(d) at

Q9: He fell a victim _________ his own avarice.

(a) by
(b) to
(c) of
(d) with

Q10: We should abide________ the laws of our country.

(a) with
(b) in
(c) by
(d) to

Q11: You will have to answer__________ your misdeed.

(a) for
(b) with
(c) of
(d) to

Q12: Parents should not be blind_________ the fault of their children.

(a) for
(b) in
(c) to
(d) with

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