Monday 10 April 2017

Biology - Famous Indian Biologists (AIPMT/NEET/NTSE) (#ntse)(#neet)

Famous Indian Biologists

 Biology - Famous Indian Biologists (AIPMT/NEET/NTSE) (#ntse)(#neet)

Father Of India Bryology (Bryphytes) : Shiv Ram Kashyap

Discovered recurrent annual wheat rust on Indian Plants : K C Mehta

Father of Indian Palynology : P K Nair

Father of Indian Ecology : Ram Deo Mishra

Father of Indian Plant Embryology : Panchanan Maheshwari

Father of Indian Paleobotany : Birbal Sahani

Father of Indian Plant genetics : B P Pal

Pivotal study of Blue Green Algae and Nitrogen Fixation : R N Singh

Birdman of India (Ornithologist) : Salim Ali

Father of Green revolution in India : M S Swaminathan

A famous Pteridologist : P N Mehra

Cytogeneticst (for Chomosomal Studies) : A K Sharma

Worked on Nitrogen Fixation by Blue Green Algae on Rice : P K De

Father of Indian Mycology and Pathology : Butler

Famous plant morphologist : V Puri

Started DNA Fingerprinting in India : V K Kashyap and Lalji Singh

Father of Indian Botany : William Roxburgh

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