Thursday 13 April 2017

CBSE Class 6/7/8 - English Grammar - Proper Nouns vs Common Nouns (Worksheet) (#cbsenotes)

Proper Nouns vs Common Nouns

English Grammar
CBSE Class 6/7/8 - English Grammar - Proper Nouns vs Common Nouns (Worksheet) (#cbsenotes)

A noun is the name of a place, person, quality, or action. Common nouns refer to ordinary things whereas proper nouns denote to a specific person or persons or specific things or places

Circle the proper nouns and underline the common nouns in the following sentences.

1. Mrs. Sharma is painting her wall.

2. Galileo Galilei invented the telscope.

3. Maruti is a company that manufactures cars.

4. M S Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar play cricket.

5. Mary hasn't read any new novel.

6. Dr. Shastri teaches us physics.

7. The sheep are grazing.

8. Sakshi is a clever girl.

9. McDonalds is a burger shop.

10. Many tourists stop at India Gate.

1. PN: Mrs. Sharma, CN: wall
2. PN: Galileo Galilei, CN: telescope
3. PN: Maruti, CNs: company, cars
4. PN: MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulakar,  CN: cricket
5. PN: Mary, CN: novel
6. PN: Dr. Shastri, CN: physics
7. CN: sheep
8. PN: Sakshi, CN: girl.
9. PN: McDonalds, CN: burger shop
10. PN: India Gate, CN: tourists

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