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CBSE Class 10 - Social Science - 1 Mark Questions Answers Asked in Previous Years Examination (#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors) (Series -1)

Class 10 - Social Science 1 Mark Questions Answers Asked in Previous Years Examination 

(Series -1)

CBSE Class 10 - Social Science - 1 Mark Questions Answers Asked in Previous Years Examination (#cbsenotes)(#eduvictors) (Series -1)

Q1: What do you understand by the term ‘Absolutist”?

Q2: Name the writer of the novel 'Anandmath'.

Q3: Who were called the colons in Vietnam?

Q4: Name the river which is related to 'National Waterways No. 1'?

Q5: Apart from economic exploitation, what was the other idea for the colonization of Vietnam by the French?

Q6: What did the Inland Emigrating Act of 1859 declare?

Q7:  Why did French artist Frederic Sorrieu made a series of prints based on democratic and socialist republics in 1848?

Q8: How do pressure groups form?

Q9: Classify industries on the basis of source of raw materials.

Q10: Name two sectional interest groups.

Q11: What is COPRA? When was it introduced?

Q12: Meena bought a pack of brown bread, on reaching home she realized that it had crossed the expiry date. Which right does she have to deal with this problem?

Q13: Explain the meaning of 'challenge'.

Q14: Give an example of any 'pressure group' of India which functions branch of a 'political party'?

Q15: Highlight the inherent problem in double coincidence of wants.

Q16: Give any one example of consumers right to choose.

Q17: Which power dominated the Nation building process in Germany?

Q18: Which brothers of Germany contributed in compiling Fairy Tales for children?

Q19: What do you understand by the term ‘utopia’?

Q20: Why should the use of cattle cake as fuel be discouraged?

Answer 1: It is a monarchical government that is centralized, militarized and repressive.

Answer 2: Bankim Chandra Chattopadhaya

Answer 3: The colons were the French colonial settlers in Vietnam.

Answer 4: The Ganga river between Allahabad and Haldia (1620km). National Waterways No. 1

Answer 5: The idea of a civilizing mission.

Answer 6: The plantation workers would not leave tea gardens without permission.

Answer 7: To offer homage to the Statue of Liberty

Answer 8: Pressure groups are formed when people of common interest, occupation, aspirations or opinions come together in order to achieve a common objective, at times forcing government to fulfill their wishes.

Answer 9: (a) Agriculture based industries
(b) Mineral based industries

Answer 10: Trade unions, Business associations, professional bodies.

Answer 11: COPRA refers to Consumer Protection Act. It was introduced in 1986.

Answer 12: Right to seek redressal.

Answer 13: 'Challenge' is a call or summon to engage in any contenst, as of skill, strength etc.

Answer 14: Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) functions as a branch of the political party 'Bhartiya Janta Party (BJ)P' in India.

Answer 15: Inherent problem in 'Double Coincidence of Want' is that one has to spend a lot of time searching for a person ready to exchange goods.

Answer 16: If a person purchases an electronic product but found it faulty. By producing receipt, he has right to claim for refund or ask for replacement.

Answer 17: The power of the Prussian state.

Answer 18: Grimm Brothers

Answer 19: A vision of the society that is so ideal that it is unlikely to exist in reality.

Answer 20: Drastically reduces the supply of manure which is used in agriculture.
The fumes and smoke produced by its burning is highly toxic and causes various diseases of the lungs.

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