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CBSE Class 12 Chapter 1 and 2: Nature and Significance of Management and Principles Of Management - Worksheet (#class12BusinessStudies)(#eduvictors)(#cbse2021)

CBSE Class 12 Chapters: Nature and Significance of Management and Principles Of Management- Worksheet

CBSE Class 12 Chapter 1 and 2: Nature and Significance of Management and Principles Of Management - Worksheet (#class12BusinessStudies)(#eduvictors)(#cbse2021)

Fill in the blanks with suitable words:

1. The father of Scientific Management is_______.

2. The father of Modern Management is _______.

3. The most misinterpreted word in management is _____________.

4. In management there is a systematic and organised body of knowledge that requires practice and creativity both. Thus management can be considered as a/an ______. 

5. The need of managers to en-sure and develop morale in the workplace; individually and communally. It refers to Esprit de Corps which means __________.

6. “Management is a multiple purpose organ that manages a business, manages a manager and manages workers and work” – Who said this? _________

7. Authority,discipline, unity of command and unity of direction are _______________.

8. Recruitment, selection, training and development of employees refer to which function of management? _______.

9. The process by which the manager synchronises various activities of different departments is known as ________. 

10. The ____________ is a set of rules outlining the social norms, religious rules and responsibilities of and or proper practices for an individual.

11. Distribution of work in groupwise or section is called as_____________.

12. POSDCORB means____________________.

13. ABC Ltd. is using eco-friendly less-polluting production methods. Name the management objective it is trying to achieve? ___________

14. Management cannot be seen physically. Its presence can be felt through ordeliness and work efficiency of workers. Thus management is _______.

15. Mohan lal works as chief operating officer in ABC Ltd. He works _______ level of management.


1: F.W. Taylor

2: Henry Fayol

3: Organising

4: art

5: team spirit.

6: Peter Drucker

7: Four of Fayol’s fourteen principles of management.

8: Staffing

9: coordination.

10: code of conduct

11: organising

12: Planning, Organising, Staffing, Controlling, Reporting and Budgeting

13: Social objective

14: intangible

15: top

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