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Class 8 - Science - Crop Production and Management (Worksheet) (#class8Science)(#eduvictors)

Class 8 - Science - Crop Production and Management (Worksheet)

Class 8 - Science - Crop Production and Management (Worksheet) (#class8Science)(#eduvictors)

Fill in the blanks with suitable words:

1. Cultivation of plants and rearing of animals for food and other beneficial items is called ____________.

2. When plants of the same kind are grown and cultivated at one place on a large scale, it is called a ________.

3. The process of loosening and turning of the soil is called _________ or _________.

4. Paddy, maize and soyabean are examples of ______ crops, that are grown in rainy season.

5. _______ crops are grown in winter season. These crops require less water.

6. Putting seeds in soil is called ______. Now-a-days it is done by seed drills.

7. A field which is left uncultivated for a couple of seasons is called a/an ______  field.

8. Soil needs replenishment and enrichment through the use of organic ______ and _________.

9. _________ are the inorganic compounds containing nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. They are made in the factories. 

10. Supply of water to crops at appropriate intervals is called __________.

11. ________ involves removal of unwanted and uncultivated plants called weeds.

12. ______ is the cutting of the mature crop manually or by machines.

13. Legume plants harbour _______ bacteria in their root nodules. These bacteria help the plants in nitrogen fixation in soil. 

14. In traditional irrigation system, Persian wheel is used. It is also called ______. It is a big wheel with buckets fitted on its rim.

15. Food is also obtained from animals for which animals are reared. This is called animal ________.


1. agriculture

2. crop

3. tilling, ploughing

4. kharif

5. Rabi

6. sowing

7. fallow

8. manure, fertilisers

9. Fertilisers

10. irrigation

11. Weeding

12. Harvesting

13. Rhizobium

14. Rahat

15. husbandry

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