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CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Term 1 (2021-22) MCQs (#class12PhysicalEducation)#cbseTerm1 #eduvictors

CBSE Class 12 Physical Education 

Term 1 MCQs (2021-2)

CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Term 1 (2021-22) MCQs (#class12PhysicalEducation)#cbseTerm1 #eduvictors

Q1: Which committee is responsible for selecting officials for sports events ?

(a) Ground and equipment committee 

(b) Publicity committee 

(c) Technical committee 

(d) Transport committee

Q2: A league tournament is otherwise known as :

(a) Round Robin tournament

(b) Knock-out tournament

(c) Combination tournament

(d) None of them

Q3: Which type of tournament is best if there are large number of teams and the organisers want to complete the tournament early?

(a) Knock-out tournament

(b) Combination tournament

(c) Ladder tournament 

(d) League tournament

Q4: Publication of rules and regulations should be done:

(a) Post event

(b) During event

(c) Pre event

(d) Any time during the event

Q5: Carbohydrates are compounds of:

(a) Carbon 

(b) Hydrogen

(c) Oxygen

(d) All of these

Q6: Fats contain carbon,oxygen and hydrogen in the percent age of:

(a) 76, 76 and 12 

(b) 76, 12 and 12

(c) 12, 12 and 76 

(d) 12, 76 and 76

Q7: Heavy dose of vitamin A causes

(a) Swelling of feet

(b) Digestive problems

(c) Liver damage

(d) None of these

Q8: The main source of Vitamin C is:

(a) Guava 

(b) Egg

(c) Milk 

(d) Banana

Q9: Which of the following is not a factor influencing motor development of a child?

(a) Sensory integration

(b) Muscle tone

(c) Confidence

(d) Endurance

Q10: The reverse of knock knee position is known as

(a) Kyphosis

(b) Scoliosis

(c) Bow legs

(d) Lordosis

Q11: The term Lordosis comes from the Greek lordos which means ________.

(a) Bent backward 

(b) Move forward

(c) Rotate 

(d) None of these

Q12: An activity that is NOT an example of gross motor skills is:

(a) drawing

(b) standing

(c) throwing a ball

(d) jumping

Q13: Sit and reach test is used to measure _______

(a) Speed

(b) Endurance

(c) Flexibility

(d) None of the above

Q14: Harvard step test measure the

(a) Knee Strength

(b) Respiratory Fitness

(c) Running strength

(d) Cardio vascular fitness 

Q15: The injury that is not frequently occurring but also is not the least to occur:

(a) Head Injury 

(b) Ankle Injury 

(c) Knee Injury

(d) Muscle Tear

Q16: What is the weight of dumbbell for men in arm curl of Rikli and Jones Test?

(a) 5 pounds

(b) 6 pounds

(c) 8 pounds

(d) 10 pounds

Q17: The plane which divides the body into a left and a right is called:

(a) coronal plane

(b) sagittal plane

(c) vertical plane

(d) transverse plane

Q18: Abduction and adduction take place about which axis?

(a) Oblique

(b) Longitudinal or vertical

(c) Frontal or mediolateral

(d) Sagittal or anteroposterior

Q19: Newton's second Law of Motion can be applied in sports like:

(a) Baseball

(b) Swimming

(c) Football

(d) Both (a) and (c)

Q20: Which of the following ‘jumps’ in track and field athletics is not best described biomechanically by the phases of run-up ,take-off, flight, landing?

(a) The long jump

(b) The polevault

(c) The High jump

(d) Hurdle clearance


1: (c) Technical committee 

2: (a) Round Robin tournament

3: (a) Knock-out tournament

4: (c) Pre event

5: (d) All of these

6: (b) 76, 12 and 12

7: (c) Liver damage

8: (a) Guava 

9: (c) Confidence

10: (c) Bow legs

11: (a) Bent backward 

12: (a) drawing

13: (c) Flexibility

14: (d) Cardio vascular fitness 

15: (b) Ankle Injury 

16: (c) 8 pounds

17: (b) sagittal plane

18: (d) Sagittal or anteroposterior

19: (d) Both (a) and (c)

20: (b) The polevault

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