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Class 10 - English - Literature - Glimpses Of India - Coorg (Summary) #class10English #cbseTerm2 #eduvictors

Class 10 - English - Literature - Glimpses Of India - Coorg (Summary)

Class 10 - English - Literature - Glimpses Of India - Coorg (Summary) #class10English #cbseTerm2  #eduvictors


Coorg, often known as Kodagu, is a tiny district in Karnataka. Coorg is located between Mangalore and Mysore on the coast. It is a really lovely place, according to the writer, and it must have come from God's domain. It is Karnataka's smallest district. Coffee plantations, evergreen rainforests, and spices are all famous in Coorg. Evergreen rainforests cover 30% of the country's surface. From September to March is the best time to visit this location. It's a beautiful day. The aroma of coffee fills the room. Beautiful colony bungalows can be found in ideal locations.

The people of Coorg are self-reliant and courageous. They could be of Greek or Arabic ancestry. According to legend, a portion of Alexander's troops stayed behind and settled here. They tied the knot amid the natives. Martial traditions, marriage conventions, and religious practises all reflect this culture. According to another idea, these people are descended from Arabs. The long black coats worn by the people demonstrate this. It's similar to the kuffka worn by Arabs and Kurds.

Hospitality is a tradition in Coorgi families. They are courageous individuals. Their heroic stories are legendary. One of the most honoured regiments in the Indian Army is the Coorg regiment. General Cariappa, the first chief of the Indian Army, was a Coorgi. The Kodavus are still the only people in India who are permitted to carry firearms without a licence.

Tourists can enjoy a diverse range of natural sceneries. The single river in the area, the Kaveri, gets its water from Coorgi Hill. Mahaseer, a huge freshwater fish, abound in this river. Elephants, kingfishers, squirrels, and langurs can all be seen relaxing in the natural setting. Birds, bees, and butterflies provide pleasant company. Elephants appreciate having their mahouts bathe them here. River rafting, canoeing, rappelling, rock climbing, and mountain biking are just a few of the thrilling activities available on the river and in the mountains. In this location, hikers will find various walking pathways. A panoramic view of the entire school environment can be enjoyed from the Brahamgiri hills. Nisargadhma, a sixty-four-acre island, is close.It is accessible by a rope bridge. Buddhist monks have taken up residence in Bylakuppe, a nearby town. The red ochre and yellow robes are eye-catching and are just one of the many surprises that India has to offer, right here in Coorg.

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