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Class 12 Biology - Biotechnology and Its Applications (MCQs) #biotechnology #biologyMCQs #class12Biology #eduvictors

Class 12 Biology - Biotechnology and Its Applications (MCQs)

Class 12 Biology - Biotechnology and Its Applications (MCQs) #biotechnology #biologyMCQs #class12Biology #eduvictors

Q1(NEET 2021): A specific recognition sequence identified by endonucleases to make cuts at specific positions within the DNA is:

(a) degenerate primer sequence

(b) Okazaki sequences

(c) palindromic nucleotide sequence

(d) poly(A) tailsequence

Q2: Bt cotton is not 

(a) a GM plant 

(b) insect resistant

(c) a bacterial gene expressing system 

(d) resistant to all pesticides

Q3: Cry I endotoxins obtained from Bacillus thuringiensis are effective against

(a) nematodes 

(b) bollworms

(c) mosquitoes  

(d) flies

Q4: In RNAi, genes are silenced using:

(a) ssDNA 

(b) dsDNA

(c) dsRNA 

(d) ssRNA

Q5: Plants, bacteria, fungi and animals whose genes have been altered by manipulation are called

(a) genetically modified organisms

(b) hybrid organisms

(c) pest resistant organisms

(d) insect resistant organisms

Q6: The first clinical gene therapy was done for the treatment of:

(a) AIDS

(b) Cancer

(c) Cystic fibrosis:

(d) SCID 

Q7: A gene, whose expression helps to identify transformed cells is known as 

(a) selectable marker

(b) vector

(c) plasmid

(d) structural gene

Q8: Biopiracy is related to

(a) bioresearches

(b) traditional knowledge

(c) biomolecules and genes discovered

(d) all of the above

Q9: Choose the correct option regarding retrovirus. 

(a) An RNA virus that synthesises DNA during infection

(b) A DNA virus that synthesises RNA during infection

(c) A ssDNA virus

(d) A dsRNA virus

Q10: Rules of conduct that are used to regulate activities with respect to biological world is called

(a) bioethics 

(b) biowar

(c) biopiracy 

(d) biopatent

Q11: Which one of the following is used as vector for cloning genes into higher organisms?

(a) Baculovirus

(b) Salmonella typhimurium

(c) Rhizopus nigricans

(d) Retrovirus


1: (c) palindromic nucleotide sequence

2: (d) resistant to all pesticides

3: (b) bollworms

4: (c) dsRNA 

5: (a) genetically modified organisms

6: (d) SCID (Severe Combined Immuno Deficiency resulting from deficiency of ADA)

7: (a) selectable marker

8: (d) all of the above

9: (a) An RNA virus that synthesises DNA during infection

10: (a) bioethics 

11: (d) Retrovirus

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