Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET)

English Unseen Poem (Reading Comprehension)
English: One Word Substitution-1

English: One Word Substitution-2

Numbers in Idioms
English Reading Comprehension (Set-1)
English Reading Comprehension (Set-2)
English Reading Comprehension(Set-3)
English Reading Comprehension (Set-4)
Reading Comprehension (Set-5)
Reading Comprehension (Unseen Poem)-2
Reading Comprehension (Unseen Poem)-3
Reading Comprehension  (Unseen Poem)-4
Reading Comprehension (Unseen Poem)-5

Grammar Quiz (Nouns) 
Synonyms (Quiz)
Antonyms(Quiz) or Online Quiz

Editing Exercise-1
Editing Exercise-2
Editing Exercise - 3
Cloze Test and Error Correction

Unseen Passage -1

Conjunctions (Worksheet-solved)
Articles (Worksheet-solved) or Online Quiz on Articles
Articles (Common Errors)
PSA Quiz (English) 
PSA Quiz-3 (English)
Parts of Speech Online Quiz
Nouns Online Quiz 
Pronouns Online Quiz
Online Quiz on Tenses  
Nouns Quiz on Animals and Birds Cries  or  (Online Quiz)
Active/Passive Voice
Online Quiz on Adjectives
Antonyms Quiz-2

Unseen Passage with MCQs
Tenses (Questions from CBSE Exam)
Cloze Test
Cloze Test-2
Cloze Test-3
Confusing Sentences
10 Foreign Words That You Must Know
Confusing Sentences
Phrasal Prepositions
13 Fun Facts about English Words
NTSE Stage-1 English Language Test-1
NTSE Stage-1 English Language Test-2
Reading Comprehension (Set-8)
A Quiz On Shakespeare's Plays
Words to Use Instead of 'Very'
Common Errors In English Usage
Reading Comprehension (set-10)
10 The Most Confusing Words
Reading Comprehension (Set-12)

Child Development and Pedagogy (MCQs-1)
Child Development and Pedagogy (MCQs-2)
Child Development and Pedagogy (MCQs-3)
Child Development and Pedagogy (MCQs-4)
Child Development and Pedagogy (MCQs-5)
Child Development and Pedagogy (MCQs-6)
Child Development and Pedagogy (MCQs-7)
Child Development and Pedagogy (MCQs - 8 Feb2016 MCQs)
Child Development and Pedagogy (MCQs-9 Sep 2016 CTET Paper)

Social Studies: General Awareness Quiz
Social Studies (Quiz)
Social Studies Quiz(Class 6)
NTSE SAT Quiz-14 (History)/ CTET(Social Studies) 
Geography -  Minerals and Energy Resources (MCQs)
GK Quiz-4 - Know the Currency
Economics - Ch1 Development (MCQs from 2012 Exam)
GK- First Person India
Social Studies Quiz (2016)
Who is Who?
Geography - Know About India (Q & A)
Geography - Indian States Touching International Borders
Know Types of Governments
Astronomical Terms
Economics - Ch1 Introduction of Economics (Worksheet)

Maths: Study Notes - Square and Square Roots
Maths: Rules of Divisibility
Maths: Numbers Quiz
Class6 Maths Quiz (2016)
Class7 Maths PSA Quiz (2016)
Ch 10 Circles (Important Terms To Remember)
Understanding Quadrilaterals (MCQs)

Science Quiz (EVS Paper-I)
NTSE Science Quiz-17
Class 8 - Science Quiz on  Crop Production and Management
Class8 - Science - Ch2 - Micro Organisms - Friend and Foe (MCQs)  
Class8 - Science - Ch11 - Force and Pressure (MCQs)
Class6 - Science - Ch8 - Body Movements (MCQs)
Class8 - Science - Uses of Some Common Metals and Non-Metals

Class7 - Science - Ch 4 - Heat (MCQs)
Class9 - Science - Ch5 - Fundamental Unit of Life (MCQs)
Class6 - Science - CH10 Motion and Measurements (MCQs)  
Class7 - Science - Ch 7 Weather, Climate & Adaptation of Animals to Climate (MCQs)
Class7 - Science - Ch 14 Electric Current and Its Effects (MCQs)
Class6 Science Quiz (2016)  
Quiz on Sobriquets
Class 7 Science Quiz (2016)
Physical Constants
Ch 8 - How do Organisms Reproduce (Worksheet)
Ch 11 - Energy Transformations (Worksheet)
Scientific Instruments Quiz
Famous Indian Biologists
Ch 3 - Metals vs Non-Metals (Comparison)
Ch3 - Synthetic Fibres and Plastics - Know Your Plastic Bottle (RESIN Coding)
Ch 17 - Solar System (Some Facts)
Heredity and Evolution - Origin Of Life On Earth (Concept Points)
Discoveries In Atomic Structure
Digestive System - Five Digestive Juices

Q & A On Economics

Q & A On Computers
Q & A On Physics
Q & A On Biology
Q & A On Polity
Q & A On Geography
Q & A On Chemistry
Q & A On History

हिंदी - अपठित बोध 
Hindi Antonyms Quiz (विलोम शब्द प्रश्नोत्तरी) 
Hindi - अपठित काव्यांश  
हिंदी - अपठित काव्यांश (Hindi - Poem Comprehension) 
अपठित काव्यांश -३  
वाक्य भेद-1  
वाक्य भेद-2   
अनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्द 
हिंदी - अनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्द
संज्ञा – विकार कारक
शब्द – निर्माण : उपसर्ग


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